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Windsurfing - Kitesurfing

Windsurfing is a popular water sport in Cyprus and because of the climate you can practice throughout the whole year. You can do wakeboarding too because of the flat summer sea at sunrise. Kite surfing is also popular when the winds are strong. Even in winter all these types of water sports can be enjoyed due to mild weather and moderate waves.


Protaras Sailing Club: During summer, winds typically are south westerly (side-offshore), 3-4 Beaufort and the sea is mainly flat. Winds pick up as the day progresses reaching an average 5 Beaufort. This weather is suitable for all kinds of water sports including Free ride sailing.


A) Nicosia Windsurfing Club: At the Nicosia Windsurfing Club there is a windsurfing, kite surfing and SUP school. Lessons are taught here as well as possessing all the necessary equipment available for rent or purchase.

B) The Golden Bay Hotel: The Golden Bay Hotel area can get very windy. During winter winds can pick up to 6 Beaufort with waves reaching up to 2 metres in height.

C) Makenzy Beach: Makenzy beach in Cyprus has fast become one of the most popular places for freestyle wave sailing. Winds pick up around mid-day and vary between 4 and 6 Beaufort. A school is based here for lessons or getting equipment.

D) Pervolia: The coastal town of Pervolia is a popular place for wave riding, mostly during the winter months where winds can reach up to 7 Beaufort typically in a south- south westerly direction.

E) Maroni Another popular wave riding location.


A) Ladys Mile: During winter there is an easterly on-shore wind and during summer winds can reach 5 Beaufort

B) Curium: In Curium you can sail throughout the year with waves reaching double head height.

C) Paralimni Beach: (Pissouri)


A) Helios Bay B) Potima C) Geroskipou Plage D) Polis E) Latchi

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