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  • Autumn in Limassol

    Autumn in Limassol


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Renowned wine villages are at the forefront of an effortless journey whilst traversing beautiful scenery. The Limassol region is a stronghold of traditional wine making with an excellent choice of local wines. Nowhere else in Cyprus is there such a great presence of wineries as in these wine-growing villages of Lemesos (Limassol) district, known locally as Krasochoria (the Wine Villages). A dry climate combined with a unique geology is responsible for some excellent wines, made mostly from the local grape varieties Xynisteri and Mavro and also from some imported ones, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Mataro, Grenache and Syrah. In Omodos and Koilani alone there are ten such wineries.
Make sure you have enough time at your disposal to travel this route and, of course, taste its special wines on offer. Visit picturesque traditional villages such as Omodos, Vasa, Koilani, Lofou and Vouni with their traditional architecture, cobblestoned narrow passages, joyful surroundings, many of which host some of the best taverns in Cyprus.

The grape harvest in Cyprus

September is the traditional month of the grape harvest from the vineyards covering the rolling slopes of Cyprus. The vineyards are a hive of activity from March when the vines are pruned. Under the hot sun the vines have by now grown rapidly to the point where the grapes are now ready for harvesting. Families get together to harvest the year’s grapes before taking them to the local wineries to have them turned into Cypriot wine. During grape harvest season the growers are busy checking up on their crop and preparing for lots of hard work. In Cyprus, harvest season runs from August to mid-November. Grapes are traditionally harvested by hand, which is the preferred method for high-quality wine production. Manual harvesting may be tiring but the mechanical harvesters cannot harvest the steep slopes. In the weeks leading up to harvest, winemakers inspect the grapes with pH and Brix tests in the lab, and make frequent visitations to the crops to taste and examine the grapes. The higher the sugar content in the grapes, the higher the potential level of alcohol. Growers closely follow weather patterns to stay ahead of any sudden changes and fluctuations in weather fronts. Crops can be ruined by heat waves and excessive rain, so they are sometimes harvested early to avoid the risk of losing an entire year’s worth of toil and sweat. Despite being an arduous task, human hands remain the best way to sort the good grapes from the bad.

Harvests can take anywhere from a five or six days to over a month. But in the end, all that hard work and dedication pays off as most of our wineries host a grand harvest meal and party for the partakers with lots of wine (of course!), music, and traditional Cypriot dishes. Why not come and enjoy the experience for yourself?

Although not many people around the world know this, Cyprus is historically one of the birthplaces of wine as we know it. If you want to experience traditional viticulture, Limassol Villages are among the best places to see it.

September – October
Weather: During these months Cyprus has hot and mild days, with cool notably cooler evenings than in July and August. Average temperatures range from 18 °C to 33 °C (64 °F to 91 °F).

What to pack: Light-weight clothing is recommended for the day and medium-weight clothing (light jacket) for the evenings, especially in October.

What to do: Swimming and water sports are still available during these months and due to milder temperatures treks in the woods and forests are ideal.


Weather: During the day, the temperature in November is usually warm and sunny with median temperatures which vary from 10 °C to 22 °C (55 °F to 71 °F)

What to pack: Light-weight clothing for the day, but as temperatures drop at night, warmer clothes or jackets are needed.

What to do: This autumn month is ideal for picnics and outdoor sports during the day. Up in the mountains, the cold night temperatures mean that fireplaces have commenced use and provide cozy evenings conducive for reading and tranquility.

  • Autumn in Limassol Autumn in Limassol
  • Autumn in Limassol Autumn in Limassol
  • Autumn in Limassol Autumn in Limassol
  • Autumn in Limassol Autumn in Limassol
  • Autumn in Limassol Autumn in Limassol
  • Autumn in Limassol Autumn in Limassol