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Flora and Fauna

Cyprus Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna




Cyprus Warbler

Cyprus Warbler

This area is renowned for its richness of flora and fauna, hence its name. It contains 750 species of plants. The park animal life is protected here. The birds are of particular interest to nature observers: the Bonelli’s Eagle, the Griffon Vulture, the Scops Owl, the Cyprus Warbler, the Cyprus Pied Wheatear and many others. In the wider area you can encounter the moufflon (Ovis Gmelini Ophion), a species of wild mountain sheep with thick sinuous horns that lives there. The geology is unique in this region with an ophiolite complex created from oceanic crust 90 million years ago and is still well preserved and observable throughout the area.

Bonelli’s Eagle

Bonelli’s Eagle

Scops Owl

Scops Owl

Our Promise

Dedicated to protecting our planet’s threatened wildlife and habitats.

Flora and Faura

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The Chantara Falls are found on the Trooditissa River (also known as Diplos Potamos) in the village of Fini which lies at 3,400 feet above sea level and is part of the state forest. The water falls from a height of 26 feet.Located on the outskirts of the village Platres in Troodos, Caledonia Falls is one of the highest falls in Cyprus Water falls from a height of 40 feet. You can reach it via a path leading to it. The water which falls from the Mesa Potamos waterfall, constituting mainly gabbros rocks, falls from a height of 23 feet. In Platres you can see the Millomeri Fall, renowned for its natural splendour. Water here falls from a height of 50 feet. Some of the falls are hard to access since they have only been discovered recently.

Chantara Waterfall


The Chantara waterfall took its name after the Cypriot word anatra” which represent the meaning of ”water noise”. Its flow is turbulent, intense descending from a height of eight meters and falling on one of the largest rocks in Cyprus, ‘’gavro’’ and nesting in a lake. It is located in the village of Fini in the Limassol Province.
Direction to Chantara

Kaledonia Waterfall


The Kaledonia waterfall is found in Pano Platres. It is included in the most charming, tallest waterfalls in Cyprus. The waterfall was named after the ancient name of todays Scotland. What is known, when the Scottish passed from the island, they were impressed by the idyllic location which brought to mind their homeland as a result naming it Kaledonia.
Direction to Kaledonia

Millomeris Waterfall


The waterfall is said to have been named after the combination of the two Cypriot words ”millos” meaning damp, and ”meros” meaning location. As the tale says the coolness the water emitted from Krio Potamo made the region damp and cool. The water descends from a height of 15 meters.
Direction to Millomeris

Mesa Potamos Waterfall

Mesa Potamos

Arkolhanias river is also known as Mesa Potamos is surrounded by rocks reminding fortresses creating crystalline sounds. Its has a height of sever meters and is part of the most popular waterfalls in Cyprus. At a close distance there is a camping area with its name.
Direction to Mesa Potamos

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Picnic and Camping sites

Cyprus Troodos Mountains Picnic and Camping Sites

Picnic and Camping Sites

Troodos Mountains


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Troodos has plentiful picnic sites which lie under the umbrella of the Cyprus Forestry Department. They are located where access is easy, where there is shade and water. There are a range of facilities available; tables, sanitary facilities, playgrounds, barbeque sites, drinking water, car parks and others- all free of charge. Troodos has three camping sites where camping is allowed for a small fee per overnight stay. The sites offers basic facilities such as barbecue sites, potable water, benches, tables and washrooms. There are 5 camping sites in the state forests with a total capacity of 2,400 persons in which camping is allowed for a small fee for overnight stay.

The Forestry Department manages three of these camping sites while the other two that are also situated in state forest land, are managed by other agencies. They provide facilities like barbecues, drinking water, tables and washrooms.

Platania Campsite

* Managed by the Forest Department

Location of site: Platania Camping site is located at Kakopetria – Troodos road, 5 km from Kakopetria on the left of the road just before the Platania forest station. Platania campsite in the forest has 18 toilet/shower blocks…

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with kitchen facilities as well as disabled facilities and picnic tables. There are kids’ play areas and near the campsite there is a canteen selling most kiosk type products.
Altitude (m): 1100

Maximum capacity (tents, caravans /persons): 150 / 600

Stavros tis Psokas Campsite

* Managed by the Forest Department

Location of site: The camping site is located close to the forest station. It can accommodate up to 60 tents and up to 6-7 caravans, for a total of about 150 persons. Facilities include potable water, toilets and showers.

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About 20km from Lysos village or Kannaviou village, near Stavros tis Psokas forest station. The Forest station of Stavros tis Psokas is in the heart of the Paphos forest, the largest and most beautiful pine forest (Pinus Brutia) of the island. It can be reached from Paphos (51 km), via Kannaviou, or from Polis Chrysochous (34 km). All forest roads leading to Stavros tis Psokas are earth tracks except for a section of the Kykkos – Stavros road.
At the station there is a hostel a cafeteria and an organised picnic area. Nearby there is an enclosure where visitors can admire the renowned Ovis gmelini aphion (Cyprus Mouflon) and the Dama dama, a dear introduced to Cyprus from abroad. Cedar valley is quite close by, about 19 km.
Altitude (m): 900
Maximum capacity (tents, caravans /persons): 60 / 150

Kambi tou Kaloyirou

* Managed by the Forest Department

Location of site: Platres – Prodromos road, 4km from Trooditissa and 3 km from Prodromos next to the road. A wonderful camping area located in Limassol district, right at the center of Troodos green mountains.

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The camping area is found exactly opposite to the respective picnic site, namely Kampi tou Kalogyrou picnic site.
Altitude (m): 1540

Maximum capacity (tents, caravans /persons): 80 / 300

Troodos Campsite

* Situated within state forest land and managed by other agencies

Location of site: Karvounas – Troodos road, 1km before Troodos square, left of the road. Open from May till end of October (weather permitting). Altitude (m): 1600 Maximum capacity (tents, caravans /persons): 170 / 650

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Troodos Museums

Cyprus Museums


Troodos Mountains


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Troodos has unique and culturally significant Ecclesiastical, Folk Art, and Wine (old wine Press) Museums which is an ongoing record of bygone eras. Tucked away in the Troodos pine forests, are Cyprus’ famous painted churches with their vibrant frescoes on the walls and ceilings, and fabulous examples of Byzantine art. Ten of these are on the UNESCOWorld Heritage List. Kykkos Monastery, the largest and perhaps most well-known monastery on the island, has a breath-taking Byzantine museum and the main church houses a golden icon of the Virgin Mary, which, as tradition has it, was painted by the Apostle Saint Luke. Do not miss the Troodos Geopark Visitor Centre in Amiantos and the Troodos National Forest Park Visitor Centre in Troodos Square.

Cyprus Museum of Kykkos Monastery

Museum of Kykkos Monastery

The Monastery of Kykkos is dedicated to Panagia (the Virgin Mary) and contains one of the three icons attributed to Agios Loukas the Apostle and Evangelist.

Cyprus Troodos National Forest Park Visitor Centre

Troodos National Forest Park Visitor Centre

The Visitor Centre of the Troodos National Forest Park, is situated 200m west of the Troodos Square, to which is also connected with a paved trail.

Cyprus Museum of Kykkos Monastery

Troodos UNESCO Global Geopark Visitor Center

The Troodos UNESCO Global Geopark Visitor Center is a unique place located in the old Asbestos Mine where It combines the unique Troodos geology that is of great importance and value globally..

Cyprus The Folklore Museum – Pedoulas

The Folklore Museum – Pedoulas

Situated in a central spot in the village close to the main Church of the Holy Cross, the Folklore Museum provides an intriguing insight into the social and economic development.

Cyprus The House of Lavrentios in Kalopanayiotis village

The House of Lavrentios in Kalopanayiotis village

Bishop Lavrentios was the bishop of Kyrenia who was executed by the Ottoman Turks in 1821. He was born in the mountainous village of Kalopanayiotis.

Cyprus Sacristy of Lofou village

Sacristy of Lofou village

In the church in Lofou dedicated to the Annunciation of the Mother of God, a sacristy (an apartment in or a building connected with a church or a religious house.

Cyprus Painter Frangoulides Museum

Painter Frangoulides Museum

One of the most important museums in Cyprus is the “Museum Frangoulidi” which is built near the church of Panagia in the Village of Agros.

Cyprus National Struggle Museum in Omodos

National Struggle Museum in Omodos

The national liberation struggle of Cyprus against the British colonial rule, known as the EOKA struggle, started on the 1st of April 1955 and ended with the Zurich.

Cyprus The Byzantine Museum in Kalopanayiotis

The Byzantine Museum in Kalopanayiotis

It is situated next to the Lambadistis monastery (dedicated to Saint John Lambadistis). Here, someone will see ecclesiastical artifacts.

Cyprus Museum of the  Megas Agros – Byzantine Chapel

Museum of the Megas Agros – Byzantine Chapel

The destruction of the historic Monastery of Megas Agros, which according to tradition was constructed by monks who had come from Kyziko (in Asia Minor).

Cyprus Arsos Icon Chamber

Arsos Icon Chamber

In the Apostle Philippos (Phillip) Icon Chamber, transportable icons dating between the 17th and 20th centuries are on display. Of particular interest are the icons of Christ and the Virgin.

Cyprus The Byzantine Museum of Pedoulas

The Byzantine Museum of Pedoulas

The Pedoulas Byzantine Museum was established during the current tenure of Bishop of Morphou ‘Neophytos’ in order to house icons and holy relics of the 13th -20th century.

Cyprus Vasa Koilaniou Church Museum

Vasa Koilaniou Church Museum

The Agios Ioannis Prodromos (Saint John the Baptist) Chapel hosts the Vasa Koilaniou icon exhibits. Of particular note are the icons of Saint Timon from the latter half of 15th century.

Cyprus Ecclesiastical Museum of Kyperounda village

Ecclesiastical Museum of Kyperounda village

Ecclesiastical Museum of Kyperounda village In the village of Timios Stavros (Holy Cross) in Kyperounda you will find an Ecclesiastical museum which amongst other artifacts

Cyprus Museums Icon Collection of Lemythou village

Icon Collection of Lemythou village

The Chapel of Agios Theodoros (Saint Theodore) contains the icon collection of the village of Lemythou, where a special place is allocated to the 13th century.

Cyprus Museums Agridia Icon Chamber

Agridia Icon Chamber

In the women’s section of the Prophet Elias Church, the old wooden icon of the chapel is on show, together with other post-Byzantine icons.

Cyprus Palaichori Village Museum

Palaichori Village Museum

The museum is incorporated in a renovated house of traditional architecture, located in the center of the village. The museum exhibits outstanding works of religious art.

Cyprus Omodos Ecclesiastical Museum

Omodos Ecclesiastical Museum

The Ecclesiastical Museum of Omodos is housed in two renovated arched halls which are situated on the floor below the monastery complex.

Cyprus The Folk Art Museum in the village of Arsos

The Folk Art Museum in the village of Arsos

In 1997, the Folk Art Museum was founded by the Community Council of Association for the Development of Arsos. The museum is situated in a restored 18th century residence.

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Troodos Villages

Cyprus Troodos Villages

Troodos Villages

Troodos Mountains


Few words

The villages in Troodos are very charming, and contain folk architecture and cobbled streets. Located on the slopes of the mountains they are mostly situated amid orchards, vineyards and pine trees complete with corresponding scents and aromas. These rural villages are renowned for their warm welcoming hospitality and the traditional local cuisine.

Cyprus Village Pedoulas


Pedoulas is situated on the northern flanks of the Troodos range, 1200 meters, above sea level, and is thw loftiest village of the Marathasa valley.

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Cyprus Village Kakopetria


Kakopetria is located south-west of the capital Nicosia and it is built upon the foothill of the Troodos Mountain -specifically in the north side of the…

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Cyprus Village Omodos


Omodos is located about 42 kilometres north-west of the city of Limassol, in the geographical region of the wine-making villages.

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Cyprus Village Lofou


The village of Lofou is in the district of the ‘ampelochoria’ between Limassol and Paphos, about 26 kilometers northwest of the…

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Cyprus Village Platres


Today the village is well known as Platres, without the prefix “Pano” (Upper) preceding it, in contrast to the neighbouring village Tornarides as is referred to “Kato Platres” (Lower).

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Cyprus Village Kalopanayiotis


Kalopanayiotis is located in the evergreen valley of Setrachos river on the northern slopes of the Troodos range. It is one of the fourteen villages of the Marathasa area.

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Cyprus Village Arsos


The village of Arsos is one of the biggest wine producing villages in Cyprus. It lies 40 kilometres from Limassol and 45 kilometres from Paphos.

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Cyprus Village Galata


Galata is located 60 kilometres west of Nicosia in the beautiful valley of Solea. It has an altitude of 620 metres above sea level.

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Troodos Trails

Cyprus Troodos Trails

Troodos Trails


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The walking trails of the Troodos area, are of immense beauty and peace. Feel the unpolluted and clean air, the beauty of the forest and be ready for unique experiences, in natural waterfalls and places where, you can become one with nature! A complete network of amazing walking trails starting either from the top of the Troodos mountains, with unspoiled, breathtaking views over the sea and the near by villages or across the rivers where the sounds of nature blended with the beauty of the trees and plants invite you to a lifetime experience beyond your imagination and expectations. Live the moment. Enhance your senses and experience to the full one of the most beautiful places in the whole world. For more information about the network of the nature trails, visit the National Park Info Centre at the Troodos square.

Artemis Trail Cyprus

Artemis Trail

Taking its name after the dynamic, pioneer and Olympian Goddess Artemis, protector of wild animals, mountain, forests and leader of the Amazons. The hiking route rotates around the Chionistra, at an altitude of 1850m.

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Atalanti Trail Cyprus

Atalanti Trail

Atalanti Nature Trail took its name after the mythological runner and trainee of the goddess Artemis. Brave and uncompromising, unwed woman who lived based on the values of Artemis. The route begins and end at the Troodos square.

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Kalidonia Trail Cyprus

Kalidonia Trail

The Kalidonia waterfall is located in Pano Platres. It is included amongst the most charming, tallest waterfalls in Cyprus. To find thi fairytale place you must follow the uphill trail ”Psila Vouna” measuting 3km long and is classified as level 2 medium hiking experience.

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Kampos tou Livadiou Trail Cyprus

Kampos tou Livadiou Trail

The Kampos tou Livadiou camping space, belongs to a peaceful tranquil hill of Troodos surrounded by a forested extent of pines. An indescribable view as the visitor has spread at his feet the hills, some taller some shorter, nonetheless unified in harmony. You can locate it via the three nature trails.

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Ydatodexameni Prodromou - Stavroulia Trail Cyprus

Ydatodexameni Prodromou – Stavroulia Trail

The Forestry Department has created a multi-level system of nature trails within the forest ranges of Cyprus. Some examples are the Psilo Dentro – Pouziaris, Ydrodexameni Prodromos (water Dam) – Stavroulia and Smigies.

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Katarraktis Millomeris  Trail Cyprus

Katarraktis Millomeris Trail

The waterfall is fames to takes its name after the combination of the two Cypriot words ”millos”. Meaning wet and the word ”meros”, meaning place. As the narrations says the coolness is exuded from Krio Protamo made the place wet and dewy.

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Kato Amiantos - Loumata ton Aeton Trail Cyprus

Kato Amiantos – Loumata ton Aeton Trail

The trail ”Loumata ton eronon” is distinguished for the high hiking difficulty due to ground changes of the island. Located in the mountain region of Limassol, 1100 meters above sea level, amongst a green oasis of pine trees and is a linear path 2,5 kilometres long.

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Livadi Trail Cyprus

Livadi Trail

The Livadi nature trail has a circular route 1.5km length and a duration of 30 minutes. It is one of the friendliest routes on the Troodos Mountain range due to the easy level of hiking experience it requires. As you trek you will discover a thick forest flooded with black pine.

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Mnimata Piskopon Trail Cyprus

Mnimata Piskopon Trail

The ”Mnimata Piskopon” Nature Trail took its name after the three Cypriot Bishops who were murdered by the Turks. It’s another nature trail found withing the NATURA 2000 National Forest Park in Troodos. Along the route you will see black pines and have the privilege of an infinite view of the Chromium River and the valleys of Solea and Morfou.

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Persephone Trail Cyprus

Persephone Trail

Persephone Nature trail is located on the mountaintop of NFP of Troodos, at the center of the largest forest area of Cyprus. Included in the main mountain ranges of the planet for the timelessness of its geology and natural beauty. Separated into two levels the highest top is at an altitude of 1952 meters, also known as Chionistra and the lowest is at 700 meters.

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Psilon Dendro - Pouziaris Trail Cyprus

Psilon Dendro – Pouziaris Trail

Cyprus has created nature trails amongst forests, waterfalls and beaches. One of these is the Psilo Dentro – Pouziaris nature trail. Through it, you can get to know the cultural inheritance and the myth of the Olympian Gods.

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Kannoures Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis Trail Cyprus

Kannoures Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis Trail

The route begins from the river Karkoti and enter the valley where the goddess Aphrodite once frequented. Near the valley you will meet the old chromium mine and it ends in Kakopetria. At the trail you have the chance to visit Agio Nikolao (Saint Nikolas) tis Stegis.

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