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Roam Cyprus

Roam Cyprus


Roam Cyprus

ROAM CYPRUS is all about your next adventure and how we can help you enjoy it to the max. We love our island and we want you to fall in love with it too. Cyprus isn’t just about modern towns and cities, holiday beaches and hotels. It’s about nature and serenity, unspoiled coastlines, unspoiled countryside and breathtaking mountain areas.

All you need is your car and the equipment we have chosen for you; the most versatile, cutting-edge camping equipment designed by Front Runner to make sure that your adventure is all you want it to be.

How we help?
ROAM CYPRUS can kit you out with all the high tech camping gear you would need to enjoy a trip around the island or to just stay put for a few days.

with what you need:

  • Roof Racks
  • High-tech Roof-Top Tents
  • Storage Containers
  • Cool Boxes
  • BBQ
  • Water Containers
  • Showers
  • Camping Tables
  • Camping Chairs
  • Lighting and lots more…

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Roam Cyprus