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Akamas Peninsula National Park

Akamas Peninsula National Park


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Breathtaking views of Akamas Peninsula

The Akamas National Park lies on the west coast of Cyprus, a truly pictorial part of the island. It has an area coverage of 230 square kilometres containing valleys, gorges and wide sandy bays. The wildlife diversity is crucial for the ecology in the Mediterranean. In this spectacular environment there are 168 varieties of birds, 20 different reptiles, 16 species of butterfly and 12 different mammals not to mention its very rich variety of fauna. The important significance of the Akamas Peninsula has been duly noted;

The European Council has included it in its Mediterranean Protection Programme. The Cyprus Government has yet to fully declare it as a National Park for tourist and local landowners reasons, although friends of the Earth and Green Peace are lobbying hard for it.


Blue Lagoon

Blue lagoon is the most popular place of Akamas and thousands of people have visited it by boat. The crystal blue waters in this small bay are so clear, you can see all the way to the underlying sea bed.

Lara Beach

You can get there from driving to Pegia and then to Agios Georgios. The sand is soft and golden, while the sea is crystal clear and clean.A 4×4 vehicle is necessary to reach this expansive and virtually deserted beach.

Akamas Nature Trails

Located in the Akamas Peninsula there are three official nature trails: the Adonis Trail, the Aphrodite Trail, and the Smigies Trail. Interwoven with rocky hiking trails.
Avakas Gorge

Avakas Gorge

Avakas Gorge is located near the bay of Toxeftras, accompanies Akamas in the province of Paphos. You will find it as you head towards Agio Georgio (Saint George) of Pegia.
Aphrotide Baths

Aphrotide Baths

Situated about 18 miles from the coastal town of Paphos, the natural cavern here features a caved shallow pool encompassed by ferns and a large fig tree which caters for the shade.