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Few words

Cyprus is an independent state island in the Mediterranean. Its geographical location favors it in many sectors as is located on the northwest between three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa, resulting in its strong present not remaining unnoted. Found in the third spot in the ranking of the largest islands after Sardinia and Sicily. Its neighboring countries are Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. In May 2004 it became officially part of the European Union balancing its relationship with Europe, Middle East and the surrounding countries. With its integration it opened the door to many people to get to know the country through its riches and the characteristic attributes of its residents which do not alter their timelessness, such as friendliness, courtesy and the humanity of Cypriots who offer them to every visitor. It can be considered as a dreamy destination for every type of person. Local produce such as halloumi, zalatina and carob trees, which are described as Cyprus’ ‘black gold’ by the locals. The Mediterranean climate even with the climate change being notable, maintains the balance between 8oC during winter and 35oC during summer. Cyprus along its historic path has been affected by many conquerors such as Romans, Egyptians, Frank and Ancient Greeks. The archeological and cultural treasure is immense in choices, sites available while you trek around the city, museums, gallery and ingenious alternative outings such as nature trails and sea sports. The variety of shades of its blue sea are unforgettable for many, in fact some have been awarded the blue flag by Europe. It is one of the safest countries with a low criminal rate. I addition, in the sectors of business, shipping, tourism and many others it is displaying a rising course within the European Market.