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    Kourion to West Akamas


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The ideal road trip for culture lovers combines the deep brown of the Cyprus History and the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea. Take in the magnificent views of the Southwest coastline from Episkopi, Pissouri, Petra tou Romiou (Kouklia), Kato Pafos, Peyia, until the Western part of Akamas Peninsula in Lara Beach.

The Orange route starts from Kourion Archeological Park in Episkopi. Drive along the sea front, via the old Limassol – Pafos Road B6 through the wild beauty of Episkopi and Avdimou and enjoy the beautiful contrast of the wild white rocks of Pissouri and Petra tou Romiou on your left and the dramatic coastline of hill girt bays rocky shores in the deep blue colours of the Mediterranean on your right.

Set out on a riveting tour over an enticing path that smoothly weaves across Cyprus’s rich tapestry of cultural and natural attractions. Begin your journey in the Kourion Archaeological Park and Kourion Beach, where history comes to life among ancient ruins and sun-kissed beaches. As you progress, the Kolossi Mediaeval Castle and The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates tell stories of mediaeval magnificence and spiritual significance. Enjoy the tranquil beauty of Zapalo Beach and the golden sands of Avdimou and Paramali Beaches, which lead to the quaint Pissouri Village and its exquisite beaches. Explore the Cape Aspro Trail for panoramic views before arriving at the famed Petra tou Romiou Beach, which is home to Aphrodite’s mythological birthplace. Continue your journey through the centuries at the Sanctuary of Aphrodite at Palaipafos and discover the historic wonders of the Kato Pafos Area, including the Harbour, Mediaeval Castle, and ancient Tombs of the Kings. Experience the quaint charm of Pafos Old Town before watching the sunset from the Pafos Sea Caves & Edro III Shipwreck viewpoint. The voyage begins with a visit to Coral Bay and the breathtaking Agios Georgios Chapel & Harbour, which provide the greatest views of the Akamas Peninsula’s western side. On your way to Avakas, stop by White River Beach and Toxeftra Beach to enjoy the seclusion. Conclude your excursion at the spectacular Avakas Gorge and Lara Beach, which are home to a Turtle Conservation Station, where nature and history blend flawlessly along this remarkable journey.

Starting Point – End Point

Kourion – Lara Beach


113 km


12 Days

Means of Transport

Car, Taxi, Bus, Motorbike


Route Map



  • Kourion Archaiological Park
    Stop 1

    Kourion Archaiological Park

    Curium (Kourion) is one of the most stunning archaeological sites on the island. It was a great city kingdom and today new treasures are still being discovered there. What is most prominent in this site is the Greco – Roman amphitheatre. The splendid amphitheatre was built in the 2nd century B.C. and since its restoration, is used for theatre and music performances.
    Entrance Fee: €4,50
  • Aphrodite Trail in Cyprus
    Stop 2

    Kourion Beach

    A beautiful beach with an ancient history. Located in Episkopi Bay, Kourion beach is a 1 km long coast that is particularly striking with its natural palette of colours, and a regal and ancient history. Its designated swimming area has an exceptionally wide shore, comprised of sand and pebbles. The seawaters are crystal-clear and varying shades of blue that beautifully contrast with the surrounding white hills. Windsurfing can also be enjoyed here.
  • Latchi Harbour in Cyprus
    Stop 3

    Medieval Castle

    Situated on the South coast of Cyprus, west of Limassol city, the famous Kolossi Castle stands an imposing site. This Medieval fort is one of the most important on the island. Lying in the heart of a rich and fertile valley to the mouth of the river Kouris, the castle was often mentioned by sightseers of the Middle Ages. This was mainly due to its vast olive, cereal, sugar-cane and locust-tree plantations not to mention its vineyards.
  • The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates
    Stop 4

    The Sanctuary
    of Apollo Hylates

    Located close to the ancient city of Kourion, the temple of Apollo Hylates was one of the main religious centres of Cyprus where the mythical god Apollo was worshipped as Hylates, that is, the god of the woodlands. This distinctive architectural complex sheds light concerning the development of a Cypriot rural sanctuary dating from to the Bronze Age through to the end of paganism in Cyprus.
  • Zapalo Beach
    Stop 5

    Zapalo Beach

    Located right under the Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates, Zapalo Bay is propably the most spectacular beach in the Limassol District. It is a large bay which combines steep cliffs, fine brown sand, white rocks and crystal-clear deep-blue waters. The view from the top of the bay is stunning. The first thing that strikes the eye are submerged rocks , remnants of an old port, and the two small piers currently used by local fishermen. It takes some time to figure out how the fishermen maneuver in between the reefs. The west side of the bay has beautiful fine brown sand, shallow waters, making it ideal for relaxation. The large cape protects this part of the bay from south westerly winds, resulting in completely calm seas, where the only sound you can hear is the singing of birds flying in and out of their nests in the steep cliffs behind you. The feeling is magical.
  • Zapalo Beach
    Stop 6

    Beach Restaurants

    Exceptional dining experience by the sea while enjoying a delicious meal, a cool cocktail and stunning sea views with salt breeze on your skin! Facilities on the beach include toilets, showers, changing rooms, sun beds, umbrellas and several fish taverns. Within a short distance (about 1 km) there are convenience stores, a children’s playground and accommodation.

Avdimou & Paramali


  • Avdimou Beach in limassol
    Stop 1

    Avdimou Beach
    & Paramali Beach

    Avdimou Beach
    Avdimou Beach is located in Avdimou Village in the Limassol District. It is a wide and sandy beach that is safe for children as the water level is relatively shallow. At a close distance one can visit taverns and bars. The beach is located to the south of the Village. The access road meanders through picturesque farmlands with vinelands, olive groves, and citrus plantations. (Melanda Beach) Located near the village Avdimou, 20 minutes from Limassol, is ideal for those seeking the ultimate in relaxation and tranquility. With amazing red sand dunes, this beach is mostly sandy with pebbles, while the water is suitable for kite surfing. Infrastructure and tourist services are limited in the area, but quiet waters make it ideal for swimming.
    Paramali Beach:
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      The beach is long and wide with a mix of sand and pebble, and with waters of moderate depth. There are no tavernas or cafes at the beach, which lends to its seclusion. A magnificent spot for introspection and relaxation and the quintessential Cypriot beach experience! The beach is long and wide with a mix of sand and pebble, and with waters of moderate depth. There are no tavernas or cafes at the beach, which lends to its seclusion. A magnificent spot for introspection and relaxation and the quintessential Cypriot beach experience! The beach is a busy turtle nesting beach, so visitors are asked to respect the nests, and to keep an adequate distance from them to give the youngsters a good chance to reach the water and return to our shores at a later date.

  • Melanda Restaurant in Limassol, Cyprus
    Stop 2

    Melanda Restaurant

    Melanda Beach was named after the family-run tavern that has been located there for years. Melanda restaurant is the ideal choice for relaxing and quiet moments while overlooking the the sea. The tavern is surrounded by Avdimou Bay and offers the perfect view for enjoying fresh fish and seafood.



  • Pissouri Village in Cyprus
    Stop 1

    Pissouri Village

    Pissouri is the third largest village district in the Limassol district of Cyprus, and is located in the Southwest of Cyprus just off the A6 motorway midway between Limassol and Paphos (34 kilometers from both). The main Pissouri village is located about 3 kilometers from the sea on the Cape Aspro ridge, and about 500 feet above sea level. The whole stretch is an absolutely gorgeous spot where the waves that softly lap up against a pebbled and sandy shoreline, partly cradled by the rocky cliffs that drop down to the sea, making the whole setting picture perfect. It is the administrative centre for the Pissouri District, and houses a delightful village square. At the village square, especially in summer you can relax, have a nice drink and enjoy the village’s beauty!
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      It provides a beautiful setting for the visitor who may enjoy the facilities and services offered by a variety of business units including restaurants, banks, pizzas, pubs as well as other services. Furthermore, the square is the main place where all the venues and events take place varying from festivals to traditional Cypriot nights. There are many charming taverns, coffee shops, as well as entertainment facilities, several chapels, and an imposing and historical Gothic church. The area is quite popular with locals and tourists in the summer, but there’s always a quiet spot to be found, and the crowds don’t even come close to what you would come across in the main hubs of nearby Limassol or Paphos. So what are you waiting for? Time to make the plunge!

  • Pissouri Beach Cyprus
    Stop 2

    Pissouri Beach

    Pissouri beach is located at the southernmost tip of the ancient settlement. It is distinguished by its pristine nature, crystal-clear seas, and annual Blue Flag honours. Pissouri beach provides a unique, calm, and secure atmosphere for visitors and locals, since it is shielded by Cape “Aspro’s” beautiful white cliffs. Pissouri beach is proud of its beach amenities, which include lifeguard teams, public changing and restroom facilities, a variety of sporting activities services, disabled-friendly amenities, and parking spots. There are self-catering flats and villas as well as a 5-star luxury resort in the vicinity. Numerous bars and restaurants in the vicinity provide a variety of dining options and experiences. Moreover, the hiking trails that encircle the beach region offer stunning vistas and once-in-a-lifetime experiences with glorious and colourful sunrises and sunsets to the more active and daring visitors.
  • Cape Aspro in Cyprus
    Stop 3

    Cape Aspro

    A landscape of unique, wild charms unravels at the western coast of the Limassol district. Cape Aspro, whose name is related to the white, chalky cliffs rising above the beach, is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular places in the Limassol district. The is a complex 5 different trails running through the area over the cliffs, to allow someone to explore is easily, since they are interconnected in order to lead to magnificent view points, during the spring and summer months, the contrast of blue and white creates a dreamy setting, while on sunset a veil of magic covers the entire area. After some recent works in the area, the trail has become smoother and more accessible for hikers. There are also signs leading the way for those visiting. Depending on the route one chooses to follow, the hiking may last up to 10 kilometers. Many will choose to stand at the nearest spot, though, to admire the breathtaking views from the rising high, starting from the sandy beach and reaching up to 200+ meters.
  • Nudism Beach Pissouri Cyprus
    Stop 4

    Nudism Beach

    Pissouri Beach is situated approximately half way between Limassol and Paphos on the west of the island. From the Highway, just head for the exit Pissouri Bay by driving to Columbia Pissouri Hotel and continue until you get to a small roundabout. Turn left and park in the public car park. From there you can see the beach, once you have reached the beach, continue walking left and go straight until you hit some rocks, behind these rocks is where the very popular nudist beach starts. The beach is mostly covered with pebbles, while the sea bottom has some smaller rocks, sand and pebbles, too. The sea is clean and rather safe, but one needs to be careful, since the area has no lifeguard services.
    Tip: Those visiting this coast, should be wearing snickers, in order to climb safely over the rocks.
  • Nudism Beach Pissouri Cyprus
    Stop 5

    Beach Resort

    Located on the southern coast of Cyprus, the five-star Columbia Beach Resort boasts 169 opulent suites and overlooks the private Pissouri Bay. Our resort guarantees the trip of a lifetime with its distinctively Cypriot architecture, award-winning spa, two pools, including an infinity pool, gourmet restaurants, and breathtaking setting. Featuring free WiFi and air conditioning, is situated in the old, historic town of Limassol. The Old Port and Castle of Limassol are right opposite the property, while the city’s marina is 100 m away. Old Port Hotel also includes a terrace. Technological University of Cyprus is 1.1 km from Old Port Hotel, while Akrotiri is 10 km away. The nearest airport is Paphos International Airport, 51 km from the property
  • Pissouri Restaurants & Taverns in Cyprus
    Stop 6

    Pissouri Restaurants & Taverns

    There are a lot of Pissouri restaurants considering the size of the village but it is spread over quite a large area and you have upper Pissouri (Pano) and lower Pissouri (Kato)so you won’t find them all in the same street. In The Upper Village The square is the centre of attraction for night time dining. People tend to go beachside during the day for breakfast and lunch. In summer time this area, particularly on Wednesday, the local cyprus night you will find you can’t move for people spilling out of the restaurants to listen to the music and see the dancing.



  • Petra tou Romiou Beach in Cyprus
    Stop 1

    Petra tou
    Romiou Beach

    Enormous rocks constitute an intriguing geological formation on the south west coast in the Paphos district. It is one of the most impressive natural spots in the island. According to myth this is the place where Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, rose from the sea and was carried on a large shell at the rocks known today in Greek as “Petra tou Romiou”. The terminology for this name (Rock of the Greek) is derived from a legendery warrior, Digenis Akritas, who drove away the invading Saracens with his formidable strength. A testament to his strength is the legend that he hurled an enormous rock in to the sea, destroying the ships of the enemy.
  • Sanctuary of Aphrodite at Palaipafos in Cyprus
    Stop 2

    Sanctuary of
    Aphrodite at

    The archaeological site of Palaipafos (‘old Pafos’ in Greek) is located in Kouklia Village and was one of the most important city-kingdoms of Cyprus, as well as the first Cypriot site to be included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO in 1980. The Sanctuary of Aphrodite is the most famous of the Ancient Greek Goddess’ sanctuaries, and its ancient remains date back to the 12th century BC, whilst it remained a place of worship until the 3rd – 4th centuries AD. There are two versions of how Palaipafos was founded; one story tells that Agapenor, the King of Tegea (Peloponesus), founded the city-kingdom on his way back from the Trojan War. A second legend tells that Kinyras, the local legendary king (12th century) was the founder and first High Priest of The Sanctuary of Aphrodite. The museum, housed in a Lusignan Manor, exhibits many interesting finds from the area and portrays how the Cult of the Goddess of Fertility developed into the Cult of Aphrodite. The site is linked to the Aphrodite Cultural Route.
    Entrance Fee: €4,50
  • Where to stay?

    Atlantica Aphrodite Hills Hotel

    Looking for Hotels in Kouklia? The luxurious, 5-StarAphrodite Hills Hotel by Atlantica , is uniquely and scenically located on a plateau overlooking the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love, amidst the glittering blue waves of the Mediterranean Sea. The Hotel fabulously combines the classic with the contemporary and is an ideal destination for both couples and families alike. Aphrodite Hills Hotel by Atlantica, is the perfect getaway for those wanting to just relax, as well as for sports enthusiasts looking to improve their swing or backhand. Modern, elegant and set in an area steeped with Cypriot culture, mythology and tradition, the Hotel is a lifestyle haven for devotees of luxury and comfort and the first Resort Hotel of its kind in Cyprus. The Hotel features 290 rooms located in various annexes around the beautiful Hotel gardens. Different accommodation options are designed to suit each need and recently refurnished rooms ensure a cosy atmosphere during your holidays.
  • Kouklia  Restaurants in Cyprus
    Stop 4

    Kouklia Restaurants

    Enjoy a nice meal with magnificent views of the coastline at Petra tou Romiou Restaurant. Another important factor that makes the area a pole of attraction for all and more tourists is the creation of places for hospitality, entertainment and rest. One of the various tourist suggestions of the area is a visit to one of the cafes and taverns, located in the central square of Kouklia, where the tourist can, after enjoying the walk in the square, try delicious food and drinks.

Pafos Town


  • Pafos Harbour & Medieval Castle in Cyprus
    Stop 1

    Pafos Harbour
    & Medieval Castle

    Pafos ( Paphos ) Castle was initially a Byzantine fort constructed to protect the harbour. In the 13th century the Lusignans rebuilt it only to be pulled down by the Venetians in 1570 during the Ottoman invasion. Then, the Ottomans rebuilt it again after they captured the island a short while after. The role of protecting the harbour was originally undertaken by the Saranta Kolones (Forty columns) fort, the remains of which lie several hundred yards away. Throughout its long history, the Pafos Castle was used not only for protection, but also as prison cells and a storage area for salt during the British colonial years. Pafos castle was declared an ancient monument in 1935 and is one of the most important landmarks in the Pafos region. Numerous cultural events take place in the square immediately in front of the castle. Every year during the month of September, the castle hosts the Pafos Aphrodite Festival which presents a different opera each year by world renowned artists with the castle featuring as a majestic backdrop to the event.
  • Kato Pafos Archaeological Park & Tombs of the Kings in Cyprus
    Stop 2

    Kato Pafos
    Archaeological Park
    & Tombs of the

    The island’s capital for six centuries, Pafos (Paphos) is like an open-air museum. It is so rich in treasures that the whole town has been put on UNESCO’s World Heritage list.
    KATO PAFOS ARCHAEOLOGICAL PARK (MOSAICS): In 1980 UNESCO placed the Kato Pafos (Paphos) archaeological site on its World Heritage Sites list. This was a catalyst for the creation of a plan for the protection and maintenance of all archaeological remnants as well as promoting them and offering detailed information to visitors. The Kato Paphos Archaeological Park includes sites and monuments from the Roman period (most remnants in Cyprus date back to this period), the Middle Ages, and even prehistoric times. From all the finds, perhaps the most impressive is the fabulous mosaic floors of four Roman villas found here. There are other significant monuments here as well; the Asklipieion, the Agora, the Odeon, the ‘Tombs of the Kings’, the “Saranta Kolones” (Forty Columns) Fortress and the “Limeniotissa” Ruins of an early Christian Basilica.
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      TOMBS OF THE KINGS: The “Tombs of the Kings” are found in the necropolis of Pafos, close to the sea. They have inherited this title due to their size and grandeur. Some of these tombs likely belonged to the Pafian (of Paphos) aristocracy, and not of royalty. They are hewn from rock and date to the Hellenistic and early Roman periods. Several tombs imitate the houses where the departed lived while alive, with the rooms (now burial chambers) opening on to an atrium. They bear similarity with tombs found in Alexandria, which is indicative of the close relations the two cities had during the Hellenistic period.

  • Pafos Old Town in Cyprus
    Stop 3

    Pafos Old Town

    Pafos or (Paphos), a town famous for its beauty and rich history from ancient times, is one of the towns one can explore and travel through time. The Old town Pafos, also known as Ktima. Within the old town you will find medieval, Ottoman and neoclassical builds demonstrating the island’s rich colonial history. This is the historic city center of Pafos and it is among the most charming places to walk around and explore.
  • Kato Pafos Beaches in Cyprus
    Stop 4

    Kato Pafos Beaches

    Kato Pafos (Paphos) tourist area: starts from the small beach in front of the Louis Phaethon Beach Hotel Club and continues until the Kato Paphos municipal beach or Ta Bania, at the beginning of Kato Pafos harbor. There is also a very small/tiny beach at the harbor. In this area, there are a few small but very nice beaches. Many of them hold a Blue Flag, which means that the waters in these beaches are very clean and at the same time there are facilities for the swimmers. Last but not least, they are accessible to persons with mobility problems (wheelchair accessible).
  • Pafos Restaurants in Cyprus
    Stop 5

    Pafos Restaurants

    The food of Pafos reflects the rich and turbulent history of the island and its indelible Greek culture. You will find tastes influenced by the Middle East, Asia Minor and the Venetians, all using fresh local ingredients, herbs and spices and olive oil. The Mediterranean diet, with its grains and pulses, sun-ripened fresh fruit and vegetables, high-protein fish, lean meat and poultry and wine is a healthy option as well as an irresistible temptation. Kopiaste is a word that you are almost certain to hear in Cyprus, it means ‘join us’ and is always meant sincerely. One great way to experience a wide range of the foods that Cypriots enjoy is to visit a typical local tavern and ask for mezedes. You will receive dish after dish of different tastes, both meat and vegetable but be warned – pace yourself because the food is so good you could end up too full to go on by the time you get half way through! Cyprus is also rich in fish taverns and here you can experience yet another gastronomic delight surrounded by Cypriot families.
  • Where to stay?

    Pafos Hotels

    Book Your Staying

    From luxury beach hotels and resorts, chic city living and spa breaks, to holiday villages, and authentic family-run establishments that are worlds apart from tourist hotspots, Pafos features the widest range of quality accommodation to satisfy everyone’s whim.



  • Pafos Sea Caves & Edro III Shipwreck in Cyprus
    Stop 1

    Pafos Sea Caves
    & Edro III Shipwreck

    The Sea Caves between Peyia and Agios Georgios are a beautiful stretch of coastline, and are a great place to explore. The caves have a unique beauty, created by marine erosion, and seals are resting and procreating occasionally. Pegeia’s sea caves with the unique sculpted rocks, formed in thousands of years by earth and sea, are a unique marvel of natural beauty, impressing all visitors

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      The Edro III shipwreck can be found just off the rocks near the sea caves of the Norwest coast of Paphos in Peyeia village. The ship EDRO III was a cargo ship that was leaving from Limassol heading to Rhodes on the 8th of October 2011. Whether you are an explorer of the sea or just want to see something magical you will need to visit this place. You will see the beauty of nature and of course capture some amazing shots either above or below the sea. At the side of the shipwreck, one can find a café / restaurant and benches overlooking the sea, and the view of the ship puts visitors in a romantic mood.

  • Coral Bay in Cyprus
    Stop 2

    Coral Bay

    This beach is the highest rating beach on the western side of Cyprus. Golden sands, lovely coves, calm shallow waters in a splendid curved stretch of shore, offers the best opportunity both for relaxation and exploration. You will also be close to the nesting place of the island’s turtles. Next to Coral Bay is Laourou Beach. Is accessible by all modes of transport. With accommodation facilities close by and water sports on offer it offers fun, relaxation and protection- lifeguards are present between 11am and 5.30pm during the swimming season.
  • Agios Georgios Chapel & Harbor in Cyprus
    Stop 3

    Agios Georgios
    Chapel & Harbor

    Built in the west of Peyia, above the port of Agios Georgios. Wonderful landscape, overlooking Geronisos and the coastline of Akamas. Ideal for baptisms, especially in the afternoon before the magnificent sunset. Agios Georgios Harbor The Harbor of Agios Georgios at Peyia has its own history. Agios Georgios beach, the Fishing Shelter is a small sandy beach with some organizational aspects. It is a fishermen’s harbor for traditional fishermen, as well as a living museum. Exactly opposite, a unique little island, Geronisos, stirs the interest of explorers and archaeologists. Geronisos is the shelter for many birds, mainly seagulls, and it also presents archaeological remains.
  • Peyia Restaurants in Cyprus
    Stop 4

    Peyia Restaurants

    Peyia (Pegeia) combines natural beauty, historic allure as well as future prospects for development in numerous fields. It is a cosmopolitan region, which enchants with its tradition and modernity. The area combines abundant recreation, as Peyeia and Coral Bay has numerous restaurants, bars, soft drinks bars and elegant stores; the same holds true in Coral Bay, a region with its hidden living force, emanating from local beauty, music and colors, which are magically intertwined with the sound of the waves.
    Fun never ends, and it covers all tastes. What is sure is that there is no way that you can leave Pegeia and not have relished in fine, multi-ethnic and local cuisine, exotic cocktails, as well as good music.
  • Troodos Hotel in Cyprus
    Where to stay?

    Cap St Georges
    Hotel & Resort

    Book Your Staying

    Find the perfect apartment rental for your trip to Peyia. A wide variety of hotels offer peace and wholeness to the visitor on the Peyia coast, close to the crystal-clear Mediterranean Sea.

Akamas Peninsula


  • Avakas Gorge in Cyprus
    Stop 1

    Avakas Gorge

    The Avakas Gorge is natural monument of natural beauty, of unique geomorphological formation in hues of brown, pink and ochre. Just before turning towards the Gorge, there is a sign reading Lara. The road is downward and bumpy but it is worth it, in order to visit the gorge and witness its unique view. Found on the western tip of the Akamas Peninsula, this impressive gorge lies approximately 18 kilometres from the coastal town of Paphos. The trail leading through the gorge is roughly 2½ kilometres long with sheer rocks on both sides reaching up to 260 feet in height, the narrowest point being 10 feet wide. Deep inside the gorge you will encounter rare plants and flowers, reptiles, immense cliffs and even wild mountain goats.
  • Lara Bay Turtle Conservation Stationin Cyprus
    Stop 2

    Lara Bay
    Turtle Conservation Station

    You can get there from driving to Peyia (Pegia) and then to Agios Georgios. The sand is soft and golden, while the sea is crystal clear and clean. A 4×4 vehicle is necessary to reach this expansive and virtually deserted beach. Lara Beach is ideal for a swim, with its green-blue waters, fine golden sand and 500-meter long beach. Lara Bay is an essential Green Turtle and Hawk’s Bill turtle breeding ground; both are endangered species. Provisions are constantly been made for safe sites for the egg laying of these sea creatures. The sea-turtle hatching spots can be seen a bit further down the beach.
  • White River Beach & Toxeftra Beach in Cyprus
    Stop 3

    White River Beach & Toxeftra Beach

    In west side of Akamas Peninsula you’ll discover some heavenly golden beaches that have been virtually untouched. White River Beach can be found on the edge of the Akamas, just before you get to Avakas Gorge. White River Beach is known for its pebble statues and panoramic sea views. The pebble statues create a magical atmosphere and the view from above the cliff is stunning.
    Toxeftra Beach is a tranquil and secluded beach, often experiencing low traffic, making it an ideal location for those seeking a peaceful retreat with conservation restrictions for turtles.
  • Viklari Restaurant in Cyprus
    Stop 4

    Viklari Restaurant

    Do you want to see a really cool place for lunch? Then you have to go to Viklari, The Last Castle in the disctrict of Pafos, Cyprus. Well known by all locals for great food and even better views, this secret hot spot is a short drive away in Akamas Peninsula.
    Don’t get put off by the rough road that takes you there, it will be well worth the drive. You’re greeted by an outstanding view on the side, and through a beautiful stone-lined walkway, you enter the restaurant area covered with vines.

*These trips and routes are the subjective opinions of ChooseYourCyprus members.