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Cyprus Troodos Mountains
Troodos Mountains

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Treasures of Troodos


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Troodos Mountains, due to its altitude, is covered in snow during winter. It is a popular resort for skiers during the skiing months. Tourists and locals alike visit the mountains during the summer to take a break from the searing summer heat down at sea level. Walk through the forests on one of the nature trails and take in the wonderful scents and aromas and enjoy looking at the waterfalls and surrounding views. The beach is located 3.5 kilometers West of Ayia Napa’s town centre. It is covered with fine golden sand and it is well sheltered from the winds, hence the mild waves. It is a beach with a rocky formation on its central and Western part. On the Eastern side of the beach, there is a small islet located a short distance from the coastline (45 metres).

Due to the low-depth water between the small islet and the main coast, but also due to the relatively short distance between these two points and the effect of the coastal waves, we observe the union of the beach with the island through the formation of a unique sand lane.

This phenomenon is remarkable and is considered a landmark, both for Ayia Napa and for Cyprus in general. In the immediate area there are accommodation facilities available for rent, restaurants, a kiosk, and family friendly bars.

Cyprus Troodos Villages

Troodos Villages

The villages in Troodos are very charming, and contain folk architecture and cobbled streets. Located on the slopes of the mountains.
Cyprus Winter Season

Winter Season

Troodos Mountains in the winter is a magical place to be. A beautifully clear atmosphere, the snow, blue skies and breathtaking scenery.
Cyprus Troodos Nature Trails

Troodos Nature Trails

Troodos is picture perfect for hiking and leisurely walks. With different slopes of varying degrees it is great for people of all ages and abilities.
Cyprus Unesco Byzantine Churches

Unesco Byzantine Churches

Cyprus, being predominantly Christian Orthodox, has a great number of Byzantine monuments.
Cyprus Troodos Cycling Routes

Troodos Cycling Routes

Biking can be enjoyed all year round in Troodos. Possessing quiet paved roads, splendid scenery, great biking terrain and revitalizing fresh air.
Cyprus Troodos Museums

Troodos Museums

Troodos has unique Ecclesiastical, Folk Art and Wine (old wine Press) Museums, which they are related with civilisation, culture and traditions.
Cyprus Picnic and Camping Sites

Picnic and Camping Sites

Troodos has plentiful picnic sites which lie under the umbrella of the Cyprus Forestry Department. They are located where access is easy.
Cyprus Waterfalls


The Xantara Falls are found on the Trooditissa River (also known as Diplos Potamos) in the village of Fini which lies at 3,400 feet above sea level.
Cyprus Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna

This area is renowned for its richness of flora and fauna, hence its name. It contains 750 species of plants. The park animal life is protected here.