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The Chantara Falls are found on the Trooditissa River (also known as Diplos Potamos) in the village of Fini which lies at 3,400 feet above sea level and is part of the state forest. The water falls from a height of 26 feet.Located on the outskirts of the village Platres in Troodos, Caledonia Falls is one of the highest falls in Cyprus Water falls from a height of 40 feet. You can reach it via a path leading to it. The water which falls from the Mesa Potamos waterfall, constituting mainly gabbros rocks, falls from a height of 23 feet. In Platres you can see the Millomeri Fall, renowned for its natural splendour. Water here falls from a height of 50 feet. Some of the falls are hard to access since they have only been discovered recently.

Chantara Waterfall


The Chantara waterfall took its name after the Cypriot word anatra” which represent the meaning of ”water noise”. Its flow is turbulent, intense descending from a height of eight meters and falling on one of the largest rocks in Cyprus, ‘’gavro’’ and nesting in a lake. It is located in the village of Fini in the Limassol Province.
Direction to Chantara
Kaledonia Waterfall


The Kaledonia waterfall is found in Pano Platres. It is included in the most charming, tallest waterfalls in Cyprus. The waterfall was named after the ancient name of todays Scotland. What is known, when the Scottish passed from the island, they were impressed by the idyllic location which brought to mind their homeland as a result naming it Kaledonia.
Direction to Kaledonia
Millomeris Waterfall


The waterfall is said to have been named after the combination of the two Cypriot words ”millos” meaning damp, and ”meros” meaning location. As the tale says the coolness the water emitted from Krio Potamo made the region damp and cool. The water descends from a height of 15 meters.
Direction to Millomeris
Mesa Potamos Waterfall

Mesa Potamos

Arkolhanias river is also known as Mesa Potamos is surrounded by rocks reminding fortresses creating crystalline sounds. Its has a height of sever meters and is part of the most popular waterfalls in Cyprus. At a close distance there is a camping area with its name.
Direction to Mesa Potamos