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Cyprus Agrotourism Villages
Agrotourism Villages

Discover the beauty of rural Cyprus


Few words

The countryside in Cyprus is blessed with natural and man-made beauty with an abundant historical heritage. Its beautifully unique natural environment is complemented by its traditional villages and architecture which lend it a special character and are always welcoming of visitors in the traditional warm and hospitable Cypriot way.Such an environment imbues a peaceful harmony between humans and nature, something which can be felt as soon as you have arrived in Cyprus and is one of the reasons visitors come here. In this kind of environment, a visitor comes in to contact with the welcoming locals of the traditional villages both mountain and coastal, experiences the simple and serene life, learns old folk customs, takes in the surrounding tranquil nature life and to round the experience off, enjoys the unique to the island traditional foods and drink.

Noticing this new trend of holidaymakers, the Cyprus Government has implemented a programme to restore traditional villages and the houses therein to strengthen agrotourism in Cyprus and to help it thrive. Hence, the Cyprus Agrotourism Company has been established to directly deal with holidays in the Cyprus Countryside. Agrotourism has become an important part of Cyprus tourism and is attracting more and more visitors every year and attracting back those who have already experienced it to come again- such is this unique experience of nature and traditional Cyprus villages. In having something different to the stereotypical holiday, you encounter many rich and varying experiences in Agrotourism in Cyprus.

Visiting the restored traditional houses creates warmth of soul; living there you will feel special and a belonging- a home away from home. Take in the aromas of the nature life and the wondrous scenery, visit monasteries both ancient and contemporary, walk on nature trails, admire the archaeological sites and elevate your spirit via a real life country experience. We can guide you through this amazing experience; in the hustle and bustle world of stress and noise, you will find in Cyprus Agrotourism the relief and rejuvenation you need.