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Paphos Villages in Cyprus

Paphos Villages


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Agrotourism is becoming an ever more popular trend in Cyprus in recent years. “Agro” means rural. Thus, people staying in traditional rural or mountainous village houses, is known in Cyprus as “Agrotourism”. If you prefer the charm of a quiet rural environment to the hustle and bustle of a tourist resort you can choose one of many idyllic places to stay. These properties consist of traditional village houses that have been renovated. All have modern kitchens and bathrooms and are furnished with rustic furniture and soft comfortable furnishings in a traditional weave. Most of the houses have a garden, where you can enjoy such delights as lemons and oranges fresh from the trees therein. You can enjoy the comfort of a house that will soon feel like home, many of which come with a swimming pool.

Panagia in Cyprus


Panagia is a mountainous picturesque village in Cyprus, located at an altitude of 900m in the Paphos mountain range, at the outskirts of Paphos forest.
Fiti in Cyprus


The small, traditional village of Fyti can be found off the E712, about 20 kilometres from Polis. Due to an altitude of 680 metres.
Choulou in Cyprus


There are many wonderful sights and memorials for anyone visiting this beautiful historical village of Houlou, such as the many Chapels.