• Fiti Village in Cyprus

    Fiti Village


The beautiful village of Fiti

Fiti Village in Cyprus
The small, traditional village of Fyti can be found off the E712, about 20 kilometres from Polis. Due to an altitude of 680 metres, Fyti’s summers are cooler than the low-lying surrounding villages. Average rainfall is about 640 millimetres, which makes the cultivation of vines, vegetables, cereals and fruit trees ideal.

In 1881 the population totalled about 225. More recently in the 2001 census, this number had dwindled to just 97.
Fiti Village
Cultural Centre in Cyprus

Cultural Centre

Weaving and Folkloric Art Museum in Cyprus

Weaving and Folkloric Art Museum

Cultural Centre

Descending to the west part of Fiti, you can wander down the village’s narrow, graphic alleys while admiring the folkloric architecture…

Weaving and Folkloric Art Museum

The building of the Weaving and Folkloric Art Museum is located in the east end of the paved area.

Weaving and Folkloric Art Museum
Agios Dimitrios Church in Cyprus

Agios Dimitrios Church

Agia Marina Chapel in Cyprus

Agia Marina Chapel

Agios Dimitrios Church

The church of Saint Demetrianos, a 19th century construction (constructed in 1857) as it is recorded…

Agia Marina Chapel

The chapel of Ag. Marina, built in the countryside. It’s a small and simple church. The dedicated image of the saint’s chapel and in the 19th century and is located in a special icon next to the temple.

and Attractions

Cyprus agrotourism offers a variety of places to visit. Places, both familiar and unfamiliar, that will soothe you and provide you with utter serenity and beauty. From Fiti to other villages, one can escape and experience a lovely and easygoing atmosphere.

Konstantinos Foitides Monument / Square in Cyprus

Konstantinos Foitides Monument / Square

"Akrikous" Giant Oak Tree in Cyprus

“Akrikous” Giant Oak Tree

Traditional Flour Mill in Cyprus

Traditional Flour Mill

Vineyards in Cyprus


All Accommodation

The best Restaurants in the Village of Fiti

Pefkos Tavern
Pefkos Tavern in Cyprus
Fythkiotiki Taverna
Fythkiotiki Taverna in Cyprus
Restaurants in Fiti


The countryside in Cyprus is blessed with natural and man-made beauty with an abundant historical heritage. Its beautifully unique natural environment is complemented by its traditional villages and architecture which lend it a special character and are always welcoming of visitors in the traditional warm and hospitable Cypriot way.


Fiti has two restaurants and two accommodations.

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