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Sharing wonderful, fresh local cuisine is a vital aspect of the island’s culture, and it is inextricably associated with every social event, from family reunions and special occasions to religious festivals… each with its own specific specialities and traditions. Cypriot cuisine is an eclectic blend of Greek and Middle Eastern cultures, interspersed with vestiges of past civilisations such as indigenous Roman root vegetables and old Phoenician delights, ranging from robust meat dishes and specialty cheeses to unique carob and grape desserts.

And it’s no secret that the ‘Mediterranean diet’ is one of the healthiest, thanks to its abundance of heart-healthy olive oil, legumes, lean meat, fresh herbs, and locally grown fruits and vegetables. Add to that the advantageous temperature, which imparts a strong flavour to the fresh vegetables, and a celebration around every corner, replete with special treats, and you’ll discover that a tremendous gastronomic adventure awaits on this tiny island!

Unesco-Panagia Tou Araka-Cyprus Unesco-Panagia Tou Araka-Cyprus

Enigma RestoBar

Our philosophy and pure passion is to differentiate and master the art of perfection in every single dish we create & undoubtably crafting a unique and memorable experience for our guests.
I Taverna tou 'Lyra' I Taverna tou 'Lyra'

I Taverna tou ‘Lyra’

“Our family tavern on Larnaca’s Kalos Chorio street combines simplicity, tradition, and deliciousness in the dishes we prepare with such passion and affection. Our kitchen offers chargrilled mezes…