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  • I Taverna tou 'Lyra'

    I Taverna tou ‘Lyra’


Traditional Cuisine

“Our family tavern on Larnaca’s Kalos Chorio street combines simplicity, tradition, and deliciousness in the dishes we prepare with such passion and affection. Our kitchen offers chargrilled mezes, seasonal mezes, and of course our traditional Ofto Kleftiko to our select clientele.”
I Taverna tou ‘Lyra’
I Taverna tou ‘Lyra’
I Taverna tou ‘Lyra’
I Taverna tou ‘Lyra’
I Taverna tou ‘Lyra’

The Lyra’s Way

We adhere to the philosophy that “beauty is in the simple”, which is why we appreciate the summer coolness in our backyard during the warm months with appetisers, cold beers, and live music. During the winter, the cultural climate with a touch of traditionalism of our region fills the winter evenings.

“Because the beauty is in the simple…”

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Opening Hours

Monday- Saturday
19:00- 01:00