3 Unspoiled Hideaway Beaches in the South Coast

Cyprus Unspoiled Hideaway Beaches in the South Coast
The south coast is Cyprus at its most diverse. Beaches hem the shore and offer relaxed holiday fun.

A sunlover’s haven, Limassol is blessed with 16 kilometers of beachfront. This long stretch of sandy beaches includes areas with excellent facilities and clear waters that have been awarded with the Blue Flag label.

Hotel developments may have taken over much of the coast, but drive a little further afield and the natural beauty of the region reveals itself. Beaches around Episkopi Bay nestle in against verdant farmland and dramatic bluffs, while inland the countryside rolls upward in hilly waves, with roads edged by olive and almond trees and vineyard rows.

Here's a look at the three most unspoiled hideaway beaches in the South Coast.

Zapalo Beach (Episkopi)

Zapalo Beach  (Episkopi)
Located right under the Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates, Zapalo Bay is propably the most spectacular beach in the Limassol District. It is a large bay which combines steep cliffs, fine brown sand, white rocks and crystal-clear deep-blue waters. The view from the top of the bay is stunning. The first thing that strikes the eye are submerged rocks , remnants of an old port, and the two small piers currently used by local fishermen. It takes some time to figure out how the fishermen maneuver in between the reefs.
Zapalo Beach  (Episkopi)
The west side of the bay has beautiful fine brown sand, shallow waters, making it ideal for relaxation. The large cape protects this part of the bay from south westerly winds, resulting in completely calm seas, where the only sound you can hear is the singing of birds flying in and out of their nests in the steep cliffs behind you. The feeling is magical.

Moving towards the east part of the bay, you can find some old dinghies, lying on the shore or underwater, before reaching a wooden bench under a tent, one of the few spots for shade on the beach. The far eastern side of the bay is more rocky and the sea tends to be rough. Large flat rocks make great "orthopaedic" sunbeds to lie on but do make sure you take a hat, sunglasses and plenty of water with you.
Zapalo Beach  (Episkopi)
Beach Directions and Access.
Zapalo Bay is located off the old Limassol - Paphos road (B6). Heading west, once you pass the sighns for the Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates, turn left after about 250m and drive towards the sea. The beach is hidden by the steep cliffs, making it difficult to spot from the road. Please note that access to the beach is only by foot (about 20 minutes' walk)

Cape Aspro (Pissouri)

Cape Aspro (Pissouri Bay)
A landscape of unique, wild charms unravels at the western coast of the Limassol district. Cape Aspro, whose name is related to the white, chalky cliffs rising above the beach, is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular places in the Limassol district.
Cape Aspro (Pissouri Bay)
The is a complex 5 different trails running through the area over the cliffs, to allow someone to explore is easily, since they are interconnected in order to lead to magnificent view points, during the spring and summer months, the contrast of blue and white creates a dreamy setting, while on sunset a veil of magic covers the entire area.
Cape Aspro (Pissouri Bay)
After some recent works in the area, the trail has become smoother and more accessible for hikers. There are also signs leading the way for those visiting. Depending on the route one chooses to follow, the hiking may last up to 10 kilometers. Many will choose to stand at the nearest spot, though, to admire the breathtaking views from the rising high, starting from the sandy beach and reaching up to 200+ meters.

Governor's Beach

Governors Beach
Governor’s Beach offers the perfect balance of a beautiful natural setting and mild human intervention. Dark grey sand with graceful white chalk rocks protruding into the navy blue sea are complemented with sunbeds,umbrellas and nearby amenities, making your visit here both relaxing and comfortable. The coastline is divided into several organised beaches and small sandy coves, seperated by the natural sedimentary white rocks. The eastern section of the beach welcomes you with a lovely green setting and a children’s playground leading to one of the most scenic cafes in Cyprus overlooking the Mediterranean sea.The beach itself is located below the chalk cliffs and can be easily accessed using one of the several ramps or steps which can be found near the cafe. Heading west, you will find another organised beach in a truly magical setting, under beautiful eucalyptus trees.
Governors Beach
The Blue Flag beach has a nice sandy shore and in combination with the usually calm sea is ideal for kids to enjoy. Nevertheless, care should be taken around the protruding rocks and specifically diving into the shallow waters should be avoided. Couples will particularly enjoy the intimate sandy coves, peaceful atmosphere and romantic walks along the sea shore. Facilities such as showers (at a small fee), toilets and changing rooms can be found at the restaurants above the beach. A camping site is also located just above the beach. It is worth spending a full day at Governor’s beach, where apart from the sea, visitors can enjoy a good meal at one of the several restaurants, offering Cypriot cuisine and delicious fresh fish dishes.
Governors Beach
Beach Directions and Access
Governor’s Beach is well sign-posted on the highway and lies about 10km East from the main hotel area in Limassol. After taking the exit from the highway, follow the signs until you reach a T-junction with signs for “Kalymnos” in the left direction. After about 300m you can find the camping site and thereafter the parking lot for the beach. For people with disabilities, it is best to continue driving past the parking lot and follow the dirt road wich leads straight to the sea-shore.

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Episkopi Pissouri Governors Beach
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