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Larnaka Beaches in Cyprus

Larnaka Beaches


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Larmaca is characterize as the hidden haven of tranquility by the locals. Its beaches are in harmony with the elements of antiquity and the island culture, in line on a coastal street. The route of the beaches is interrupted only by notable sites, island taverns, small harbors and pedestrian streets. They are easy to access and offer the easy of time for sunbathing and are suitable for all ages. Each one hides its uniqueness, some characterized as ”for company” and other more secluded. The secret is the rustling of the waves, which will give you answers to what you are seeking.

Finikoudes Beach

Lined with tall mature palm trees Finikoudes Beach is the beach to be in the summer. With a tropical environment and a whole assortment of activities and entertainment the day will just fly by. Sun beds are on offer for hire.

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Many restaurants, cafes, shops and well-known food chains line up parallel to the beach. Venues are common on the main promenade on Finikoudes beach. Regular pleasure boat trips can be taken from the marina which is located at the start of the promenade.

Kastella Beach

Another Blue Flag winner, Kastella Beach is a tiny beach, with calm waters and made of fine grey sand. The beach is only a 15 minute walk from the town centre and very near to the Psarolimano Fishing Shelter.

Makenzie Beach

Awarded with the Blue Flag, this beach lies beside Larnaca International Airport. Lay down on the fine grey sand or bathe in the water and watch the planes close up as they come in to land at the airport. The sea is calm and many people walk parallel along the water’s edge. There are very good facilities here; toilets, changing-rooms and many others. Lifeguards are on constant duty during the summer months.

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Water sports are on offer including windsurfing. Mackenzie beach is also a lovely place to dine with a continuous array of restaurants lining parallel and on the beach offering a lovely view of the Mediterranean Sea whilst drinking and dining. Access to Mackezie Beach is very easy with much parking space behind the restaurants.

Dhekelia Beach

Dhekelia Beach has the longest stretch of sand in Larnaca appearing to never stop. Dhekelia Beach has the largest hotel concentration in Larnaca and all of them overlook the beach. With all the facilities anyone could need dispersed throughout this long stretch of sea shore, hotels often offer access to their on-site amenities for just a nominal fee. Dhekelia road runs parallel to the beach and is crammed with Cypriot taverns, restaurants and international cuisine eateries.

Alaminos Beach

Alaminos beach lies along the Larnaca-Kiti stretch of coast. Virtually hidden from plain sight it is a veritable ‘Secret Paradise’, in actual fact this is indeed what it is called. You need to take a track off the road to get there.

Faros ( Pervolia ) Beach

small, sandy beach near the village of Pervolia. Like many beaches in Cyprus it has been rewarded the Blue Flag. Its name is derived from the lighthouse there. This cape has a sea barrier which enables young children to play their heart out in the sea.

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With a beach bar and water sports on offer it is the perfect place for families and the tranquility makes a nice change from other bustling beaches. Pervolia Beach is a famous destination for sports fans, usually getting quite crowded during weekends. Pervolia Beach is located very close to the main city and is a hot spot for kite-surfing enthusiasts of all levels. Although the beach is not particularly sandy, it is 10 km long with shallow waters, few swimmers, and constant winds from dawn till dusk. The crystal clear water and the shore break the waves. The strong thermal winds usually originate from the south, southwest which create the perfect conditions for freestyle, long distance and bump and jump kite-surfing. For those who want to improve their skills there are schools available on the spot lessons and practice. Heading inland away from the beach, there are open fields and many kite-surfers use them as launching and landing sites for their kites.

Mazotos Beach

The beach of Mazotos is a quiet beach located in the Larnaca district. The beach is made up of darker coloured sand with pebbly parts only taking up a very small percentage of the beach area.

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Most of it is sand. The sand shelves very gently into the sea and you can walk quite a way out and still only be up to knee depth. By mid to late afternoon the water is lovely and warm to paddle and sit in while cooling off from the strong sunlight. Lastly, It is worth mentioning that after measurements, that this beach may be one of the cleanest in Cyprus.

Galou Beach

Situated on Dhekelia Road it is a quaint beach surrounded by trees and foliage and close to the town. It is a pleasurable place to be.

Lenios Beach

Lenios beach, where the Lenios hotel is situated, is a nice sandy beach with sun beds for hire. It is easily accessible by road.

Parasolia Kiti Beach

Kiti beach Parasolia Kareta This is beach is located at Kiti. This is a sundy beach where the kareta kareta turtles lay theire eggs.

CTO Beach

Also known as Pyla Beach, CTO beach is close to the centre of Larnaca and is a favourite among families. The Cyprus cuisine is close by with many restaurants in the vicinity. There are many activities available here, a characteristic it is well known for, including a playground area for children, volleyball, water sports, handball and others.

Meneou Beach

Meneou Beach, lying in the village of Meneou, is a small quiet beach with a bar for refreshments. The sea is calm with shallow water, ideal for families with children. Easy to reach and close to Larnaca International Airport.

Yannathes Beach

This beach has beautiful scenery and lovely sand. It is the ideal beach for snorkeling and scuba diving due to its clear water and brilliant reefs in the wider area, a truly intriguing place to explore. Yannathes beach also boasts a water sports centre, parascending, jet-ski facilities, and has ideal conditions for windsurfing as well as lifeguards in season. There is also the added bonus of being close to the centre of Larnaca Town.

Dasoudi Beach

Dasaki Beach lies along lies on the Dhekelia Road. This is a long beach with fine sand surrounded with greenery. It has calm and shallow clear waters and the lengthy sandy stretches are ideal for walks and beach games.

Cessac Beach

Cessac Beach is next to the British Base of Dhekelia where the coast road ends. It is a public beach with a narrow stretch of grey sand. Several snack bars and a restaurant serve the public in this little bay area.

Agios Theodoros Beach

Agios Theodoros beach is a quiet small bay with fine golden sand. Fresh fish, brought in by the local fishermen, is on offer in the restaurant on the beach. The beach is easily accessible.