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Larnaca in Cyprus



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Larnaca town was built over the ancient city kingdom of Kition. Larnaca has a beautiful sea port and historically was a major centre of copper trade and later a Phoenician stronghold.Remains of it can still be seen today in its cyclopean walls constructed with giant blocks of stone and a compound of Greek Mycenaean temples dating back to 12th Century. Take a stroll along ‘Phinikoudes’ the sea front promenade lined with palm trees and take a seat in one of the many cafes lined along the promenade. The marina here is a gathering ground for a community of friendly yachtsmen from all around the world. Charming villages are spread throughout the mountainous area of Larnaca and many traditional houses there are available for rent. Perhaps the most well known is the village of Lefkara. This is because it is perhaps the most scenic, having narrow streets, red-tiled roofs, courtyards, chapels, and a general feeling of being back in time whilst you’re there. The village of Lefkara has a rich history in producing exquisite handicrafts such as the world renowned ‘Lefkaritika’ which are items created by a traditional lace, and filigree silverware. It is said that the famous Leonardo da Vinci came here and purchased an altar cloth, which he subsequently donated to the cathedral in Milan.The village of Kiti contains the Angeloktisti Church; one of the best examples of Byzantine art. There you can see a mosaic dating back to the 6th century of the Virgin Mary and Child between two archangels.

The Holy Stavropaegic Monastery of Stavrovouni, one of the oldest in Cyprus, stands alone on top of a mountain with a panoramic 360 degree view of the surrounding hills and plains. Tradition has it that the piece of Holy Cross which is kept at the Monastery and is encased in a silver Cross, was brought over by Saint Helen, the mother of Saint Constantine the Great, and is available to the public to venerate.The village of Choirokoitia is a UNESCO World Heritage site, being one of the best preserved sites of a prehistoric settlement in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Top 15 things to SEE & DO in Larnaca in Cyprus

Top things to SEE & DO in Larnaca

The charming coastal region of Larnaca is a place where past and present blend into a delightful mosaic of sun and culture.
City Center in Cyprus

City Center

Larnaca is considered to be Cyprus’s oldest town, with a history of 10.000 years. From its traditional architecture, authentic taverns.
Larnaca Villages ( Argotourism ) in Cyprus

Larnaca Villages ( Argotourism )

Away from the tourist areas, the Larnaca countryside has a diverse wealth of its own with traditional villages, narrow streets tiny churches, remote monasteries and scenic views.
Beaches in Cyprus


Cyprus is famous for its beautiful beaches and Larnaca doesn’t disappoint, with miles of sand and the calm, inviting Mediterranean sea just waiting to refresh your senses.
Museums in Cyprus


A number of exciting atrefacts from Kition are preserved in Larnaca’s museums, the best of which are the Larnaca District Museum and the Larnaca Medieval Museum.
Museums in Cyprus

Interactive Map Larnaca

The Larnaka Interactive Map is an online, interactive map of the city and rural and mountainous regions, showing all the areas of interest.