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Limassol Wineries in Cyprus

Limassol Wineries


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The villages of the Limassol province are widely known for the knowledge and their history in the production of is Cypriot wine. Cypriot vineyard cultivation is timelessly set in the hourglass of time each time becoming stronger. The Cypriot wine festival must be mentioned and the varied activities that take place in the region.

Vlassides Winery in Cyprus


Tel: +357 97789560
Visiting Hours: (Open for tour and wine-tasting):Monday – Saturday 11:00-16:00

Vlassides Winery

Driven by his love and passion for wine, Sophocles Vlassides realized his lifelong dream by establishing Vlassides Winery in 1998. The quality of Vlassides Winery has always been based on a commitment to select the finest fruits. The vineyards are located in the picturesque region of Kilani village, just south of Troodos.

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The altitude of the vineyards ranges from 700m to 1100m above sea level, and the soil is mainly calcareous.

Vlassides Winery commitment to quality has been recognized in a range of wine competitions. The most notable are the Grand Gold Medal of the Thessaloniki Wine Competition 2004 for Cabernet Sauvignon 2000; the Gold Medal for Shiraz 2003 (12 months oaked) at the Brussels Wine Competition 2006; and the Grand Gold Medal for Shiraz 2006 at the Third Cyprus Wine Competition in 2008.

Vlassides Winery was conceived and constructed by Heracles Papachristou. It is situated between Koilani village and Vouni village, in a 50 acres vineyard, called Koloni. The winery was designed according to the functional use of space and machinery.
Zambartas Winery in Cyprus


Tel:+ 357 25 942424
Visiting Hours: Monday to Friday 10.00AM-4.00PM Saturday & Sunday 11.00AM-4.00PM

Zambartas Winery

One of the pioneer Cypriot wineries is Zambartas family winery. The winery was established in 2006 by the late Akis Zambartas a visionary man who during his career as oenologist in KEO, re-discovered 12 native Cypriot grape varieties, which he recorded, planted and vinified. Among them the most important were: Maratheftiko, Lefkada, Promara, Spourtiko and Yiannoudi.

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Now the legacy of Akis Zambartas is continued through his son Marcos, a winemaker trained in Australia who runs the winery together with his wife Marleen.

Tasting Zambartas wines proved to be an exciting adventure with the wines offering individuality, character and fruit purity. Visitors are welcome to the winery, which is located in Agios Amvrosios in the Krasochoria Lemesou (Wine villages of Limassol), all year around during week days and weekends.
Tsiakkas Winery in Cyprus


Tel:+ 357 25 991080
Visiting Hours: Monday to Saturday 09.00AM-4.00PM Sunday Closed

Tsiakkas Winery

The Tsiakkas Winery was founded in 1988 and is located in Pelendri, in Pitsilia region of Limassol district. Its vineyards are in the same area. The cold winters and the cool without rain summers coupled with the poor volcanic soils, help to have vineyards with low yield per hectare which is necessary for producing quality grapes.

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Wines are produced from both international and indigenous grape varieties.

The Winery, solid on tradition, armed with enthusiasm and love for wine, and continually striving to acquire further knowledge, achieved the production of fine wine, for which the beginnings go back to the moment of vineyard planting.

From the high altitude (1500 meters) Petralona vineyard, the micro-climatic Keramis vineyard, and the St. John vineyard with its special characteristics, the winery combines the best characteristics of the varieties and produces wines, Commandaria and Zivania, bearing unique characters and strong personalities.
Ktima Gerolemo Winery in Cyprus


Tel:+ 357 25 422122
Visiting Hours: Every Day 8.00AM-3.00PM

Ktima Gerolemo Winery

Ktima Gerolemo winery is located about 1 kilometer north of the village of Omodos at an altitude of 900 metres, in the heart of the wine producing area. Visitors will be guided through a modern family winery and get introduced to the principles of organic cultivation of the vine and the “secrets” of wine. Visitors are also offered wine tasting sessions and snacks…

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while enjoying spectacular views of the valley and the vineyards. Visitors will be guided through a modern family winery and get introduced to the principles of organic cultivation of the vine and the “secrets” of wine. Visitors are also offered wine tasting sessions and snacks while enjoying spectacular views of the valley and the vineyards.
Kyperounda Winery in Cyprus


Tel:+ 357 25 532043
Visiting Hours: Monday to Friday 9.00AM-3.30PM Saturday &
Sunday Closed

Kyperounda Winery

Kyperounda Winery is situated in the Kyperounda village in Limassol region. The award winning winery opened in 1998 and is run by the Photos Photiades Group. The winery owns a four hectares vineyard which is the highest in Europe with 1400 meters altitude with a micro climate similar to those of Bordeaux in France.

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Among their wine grapes are Xynisteri, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Situated in this idyllic setting in the Pitsilia area, and designed to the specifications of experienced winemakers, the winery is built on three levels in order to take advantage of gravity to move the grape juice in the gentlest possible way.

The winery’s underground cellar holds two hundred and fifty 225lt oak barrels, in which the wine of Kyperounda matures and develops character. The production capacity of the winery is about 200,000 bottles.
Oenou Yi Winery in Cyprus


Tel:+357 25 446000
Visiting Hours: Monday – Sunday 10:00 – 18:00 Group and Individual tours & tastings are available daily, Monday – Sunday 10:00 – 18:00.

Oenou Yi Winery

The contemporary winery “Oenou Yi” with the combination of high technology equipment and the ideal practices for quality wine-making, governs the vineyards. The devotion and dedication of both the winemakers and oenologists are entirely in line with the consistent quality of the produce. Enticing its visitors to a unique experience, they are taken on an eclectic

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journey into the land of Omodos.On the hillside-filled vineyards, at an altitude fluctuating between 800 metres (Laona’s summit) and 1060 metres (Afamis’ summit), the winery “Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades” maintains the tradition of the Mediterranean vineyard. The rich wine tradition of the region is an irrepressible witness to ideal wine-growing conditions over time. A relationship that lasts for centuries. The mountainous nature is tamed to the hardworking people of Omodos, creating a vast landscape of lush and fruitful vineyards.

Amidst the unsociable white, rocky soils, the old and newly-planted grape vines spread their roots in search of precious pockets of moisture to nourish and encourage their growth. Rocky soils eventually show off the sought-after mineral notes in wine. The fruits of the mountain vineyards vary from all the others, developing more savory flesh, rich structure and bright acidity.

“PLAYIA” Restaurant : Visiting Hours:Monday & Tuesday: Closed, Wednesday – Sunday: 12:00-17:00 (last order at 16:00)