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Limassol Cyprus



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Limassol (also called Lemesos) is the second largest city in Cyprus. It is the island’s main port, a main tourist centre and the centre of the wine industry of the island. Limassol has two of the most spectacular archaeological sites in Cyprus. Built on cliff tops the ancient cities of Amathous and Kourion are situated East and West respectively in the city with spectacular views overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Unearthed at Amathous the largest stone vase ever discovered (resting in the Louvre Museam in Paris) is just one of the finds that have made their way abroad to international museums from these ancient sites. The southern slopes of the Troodos Mountains provide a picturesque backdrop to the city. It is on these southern slopes where the vineyards for Cyprus’ wine making industry are. Charming little villages spread throughout the southern slopes are known collectively as the ‘Krassochoria’ (which translate in to wine villages) where the traditional ways of wine-making are still kept. Come and have a sample of the island’s best wines. The most famous wine of all is Commandaria, one of the oldest named wines (eight centuries old) in the world. It was originally produced and exported by the Hospitallers, the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, from their headquarters at Kolossi Castle which still stands, situated on the outskirts of the city. On these southern slopes you’ll discover a different Cyprus from the traditionally known popular tourist resorts it is famous for. The foothills here offer a break from the hustle and bustle, a true retreat and a place of tranquility. Here you can take in the beautiful countryside and enjoy the traditional rural villages that live solely at their own pace.

Top 15 thing to SEE & DO in Limassol in Cyprus

Top things to SEE & DO in Limassol

Limassol is the largest coastal resort in Cyprus and as such has plenty of attractions on offer for visitors and locals alike.
Old Town in Cyprus

Old Town

The old town Limassol (Lemesos) is the heart of the city with its narrow streets radiating out from the old fishing harbour.
Limassol Villages ( Agrotourism ) in Cyorys

Limassol Villages ( Agrotourism )

Countryside: A short drive out into the surrounding countryside will take you through vineyards and quaint wine producing villages.
Beaches in Cyprus


Limassol boasts an abundance of Blue Flag beaches with clear blue waters and dark golden sand. A sunlover’s haven, Limassol is blessed with 16 kilometers of beachfront.
Museums in Cyprus


The old town Lemesos (Limassol) is the heart of the city with its narrow streets radiating out from the old fishing harbour. The medieval Lemesos castle was the site of a royal.
Interactive Map Limassol in Cyprus

Interactive Map Limassol

The Limassol Interactive Map is an online, interactive map of the city and rural and mountainous regions, showing all the areas of interest.