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Larnaka District Archaeological Museum houses a large collection of archaeological findings from the district of Larnaka, including the ancient city-kingdom of Kition, and the main Neolithic settlements of Choirokitia and KalavasosThe museum exhibits include artefacts from the Neolithic period, the Copper Era and the Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods. The remains of the ancient port city-kingdom of Kition is just 100 meters to the north of the museum. Kition was first established by the Mycenaean Greeks towards the end of the 13th Century BC, and later on redesigned by the Phoenicians during the 9th Century BC.

Pierides Museum – Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation is the oldest private museum in Cyprus, and is housed in the ancestral Pierides family home – a colonial style building built in 1815. The museum’s comprehensive collection was assembled by the Pierides family and includes some of the most representative items of the island’s civilization. The objects on display date from 4000 BC to the 15th Century AD, and are an important testimony to a centuries-old civilization that flourished in Cyprus.

Larnaka Historic Archives Museum is located at the entrance of the Phinikoudes promenade on Europe square and it is housed in a complex of 1881 British colonial buildings. The museum’s collection charts the life in Larnaka through books, documents, artefacts and items that cover politics, religion, professions, arts, science and culture. Municipal Museum of Natural History is located within the grounds of the Municipal Gardens and its park.

Larnaka’s Municipal Museum of Natural History displays a number of thematic collections, including local reptiles, insects, birds, animals, marine life, fossils and rock formations.

Municipal Art Gallery is one of the old 1881 colonial buildings on Europe square, at the entrance of the Phinikoudes promenade. The Municipal Art Gallery regularly hosts thematic exhibitions featuring a wide range of artists from Cyprus and abroad.