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Nicosia Beaches in Cyprus

Nicosia Beaches


A few words

Although located in Nicosia district, due to the Turkish invasion of 1974, the villages of Pachyammos and Kato Pyrgos are now only accessible via the Paphos district reached by-following the A1 and the A6 motorways. After arriving at Paphos, take the B7, then the E704 to find the villages.

Pachyammos Village Beach

The areas near the small village of Pachyammos are majestically beautiful and the mountains lead straight into the sea. The main point of interest is the impressive church of Agios Rafael, an important pilgrimage site for the faithful due to the belief in the miraculous curing powers of the saint.

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Pachyammos Village Beach is an idyllic refuge for those seeking a remote and private stretch of bay to enjoy their day in tranquility. The village of Pomos, which lies on the outskirts of a beautiful bay, is surrounded by steep hillsides. This petite relaxing beach lies in front of the humble Pomos fishing harbor with its traditional fishing boats. It is remote and offers the opportunity for tranquility and for those who do not particularly desire the presence of many people. Enjoy the fresh fish of the day in the taverns close by.

Omega Beach

The village is located in the heart of the beautiful area of Tylliria. Pyrgos Tyllirias is a village offering magical scenery which combines both the freshness of the mountain and the beauty of the sea. The village is built on a narrow and fertile plain in between the mountain and the blue sea of the Morphou bay.

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Omega beach where you can kick back on a sunbed as you take in the breath-taking scenery. Stay on for sunset and you’ll be lost for words.

Krioneri “grape by the sea” Beach

Krioneri Beach is located in Kato Pyrgos Village. It is the last beach before the dead zone and entering the Morphou Bay. The beach is characterized by unparalleled beauty because of the sandy soil and the deep blue waters. It stretches for 600 meters and width of 20 and there are no services offered.

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The Beach Bar “grape by the sea” is located on Krioneri beach under vine shade, not only for the hours you want to relax. As it is set up is reminiscent of the old, carefree moments, have fun and swim. From morning coffee, sandwiches and burger, serves steaks, special occasions and spit. Purple sunset with cool cocktails and platters.