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Cyprus Polis Chrysochous Region

Polis Chrysochous Region


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Stunning natural environment, friendly, laid back people, great hotels, apartments and villas for your accommodation, many restaurants, tavernas and fish restaurants for dining out, wonderful sandy beaches, many things to do, Polis region is the ideal place for those seeking active holidays in the nature. Located on the north – west part of Cyprus. Polis Region is an area full of green, natural beauties, excellent sea and beaches. Polis still keeps its original Cypriot style, with many tranquil villages waiting to explore. The National Park of Akamas Peninsula is just a few kilometers away. Modern Polis is built on the ruins of two ancient cities, Marion and Arsinoe, dating back almost 3000 years. Evidence of this reach, ancient history are found in the excavations in the region.

Myth of Aphrodite: According to the myth, Aphrodite, the Goddes of beauty and love used to meet her lover, Adonis in this idyllic area. Baths of Aphrodite (Loutra tis Afroditis) are located next to the town of Polis and is a very popular place to visit, among locals and visitors alike.

Climate: Polis climate is hot and dry during the summer and mild during the short winter. This wonderful climate makes Polis region a year-round holiday destination.

Marion – Arsinoe Archaeological Museum:Built in classic style, the museum opened in 1998 and hosts exhibits from the ancient cities of Marion and Arsinoe. Well worth a visit! Central square of Polis Chrysochous: A traditional square with many restaurants and cafes. A perfect place to sit and enjoy your food or your drink.

Latchi harbour and Latchi Municipal Beach: The small harbour of Latchi is located about three kilometers from Polis. The area offers a lot of restaurants, but here is the place to taste fresh local fish, in one of many fish restaurants that abound in the area. Just next to the harbour is the organized municipal beach, a wonderful place for your bath. Latchi municipal beach is the only disabled – friendly beach, with a purposed built ramp which helps persons with mobility problems to enter easily and safely into the sea.

Akamas peninsula: The national park of Akamas is just next to Polis Chrysochous. From Polis you are able to explore this unique unspoilt area.

Baths of Aphrodite: On the same way as Akamas penisnula, is the place where Aphrodite met het lover Adonis, the Baths of Aphrodite. It is a very beautiful area in the nature and a short excursion nobody visiting the area should miss.

Cyprus Explore the Akamas Peninsula

Explore the Akamas Peninsula

The Akamas National Park lies on the west coast of Cyprus, a truly pictorial part of the island. It has an area coverage of 230 square kilometres containing valleys, gorges and wide sandy bays. The wildlife diversity is crucial for the ecology in the Mediterranean.

Direction to  Explore the Akamas Peninsula
Cyprus Boat along the Akamas ( Blue Lagoon )

Boat along the Akamas
( Blue Lagoon )

Blue lagoon is the most popular place of Akamas and thousands of people have visited it by boat. The crystal blue waters in this small bay are so clear, you can see all the way to the underlying sea bed.

Direction to  Boat along the Akamas
( Blue Lagoon )
Cyprus Wine Route 1 ( Laona Akamas )

Wine Route 1 ( Laona Akamas )

ROUTE: Pafos, Mesogi, Tsada, Stroumbi, Kathikas, Akourdaleia, Pano Arodes,Kato Arodes, Ineia, Drouseia, Polis, Pegeia.

This route is in the north-western part of Cyprus. It is of unique interest, as it is not devoted exclusively to wine. In this area, the wine lover and the gourmet can visit four wineries and taste their varied and individualistic wines, in combination with the tasty specialities of Cypriot food.

Cyprus Go on an adventure to cedar valley & Stavros tis psokas in Paphos forest

Go on an adventure to cedar valley & Stavros tis psokas in Paphos forest

The area is located in the northwest part of the Troodos mountain region. Its boundaries overlap with the boundaries of the Main Forest of Paphos, which represent 96% of the site. It covers a large area from sea level up to the peak of Tripylos at 1,352 metres. This particular area is the most important area of Cyprus for nesting raptors. It supports the highest number of breeding Bonelli’s eagles and Goshawks.

Direction to  Go on an adventure to cedar valley & Stavros tis psokas in Paphos forest
Cyprus Polis Town

Polis Town

Located within a rich fertile plain in the foothills of the Troodos mountains, the small town of Polis, which in Greek simply means ‘town’, overlooks the beautiful bay, with its warm, clear and safe seas.With its quaint sandstone buildings around a pedestrianised town centre with its restaurants, bars and souvenir shops, it is a delightful place to hang out on a summer evening.

Direction to  Polis Town
Cyprus Polis Villages ( Agrotourism )

Polis Villages ( Agrotourism )

The rest of the area is made up of a number of villages with varying degrees of charm and reasons to visit. Below is a list of the ones we have been to and any particular points of interest. There are many places to stay in these locations particularly villas.

Cyprus  Drive up to Pomos & Pachyammos villages ( Saint Rafael Church )

Drive up to Pomos & Pachyammos villages
( Saint Rafael Church )

The areas near the small villages of Pomos and Pachyammos are majestically beautiful and the mountains lead straight into the sea. Pomos village, hanging on the cliffs of west coast Cyprus, lies about 20 km afar from Polis Chrysochous, on the way to Akamas nature reserve.

Cyprus Visit Latchi Harbour

Visit Latchi Harbour

In the past few years due to its ever-growing facilities and amenities, Latchi has become a favorite stopping point after the Greek Isles and Turkey. Latchi is a small port in Cyprus where the fishermen bring in the fresh catch of the morning and supply those who are fortunate enough to have got up early that day. Taverns litter the dockside offering the local specialty “Fish Meze” and at a very affordable price, unlike some of the other harbours around the island.
– Take a stroll along the marina
– Sample some freshly caught fish in one of the tavernas.
Direction to Latchi Harbour
Cyprus Water Sports

Water Sports

Splash about in the warm waters of the Mediterranean indulging in all kinds of water sports. Go water skiing or wakeboarding, or just bounce along in the wake of the boat on a donut or a banana. The steady predictable westerly winds make it a great place for windsurfing, or sailing and you could also try your hand at kitesurfing.

– Scuba diving in the clear waters along the Akamas.
– Water ski behind a jet boat.
– Maybe sea-kayaking or even paragliding?
– All these watersports can be found down in Latchi.
Cyprus Sunset & Sunrise

Stunning Sunset & Sunrise

The beautiful surroundings and marvellous sunsets and sunrises make this area a special place for holidays. The best sunset experiences in Polis region, in specific areas such us Akamas Peninsula, Latchi Beach, Argaka Beach, Droushia village and Neo Chorio village. Another favourite for a sunset view is the coastal area of Pomos & Pachyammos villages.