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Paradox Museum


Defy Reality!

At the Paradox Museum, we tickle your mind for fun.
In here nothing makes sense, and yet everything is totally real!
Our museums are a space of ultimate creativity and questioning –
we are a must-see, must-experience destination for all ages.
Come visit us, feel the experience, and let us inspire you!
Meaning ‘contrary to expectation’ or ‘incredible’ in ancient Greek, the word paradox has come to mean opposite or contradictory to common sense. Essentially, real paradoxes are things that if true, are false, and if false, are true – they make you experience the impossible.

Ameni­ties & Expe­riences

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Ticket Prices

General Admission (12+):

15 €

Infants (0 – 3):


Students (18 – 24):

12 €
Student card is required

Child (4 – 11):

12 €

Family 4-pack:

48 €
(2 general admission & 2 children)
(1 general admission & 3 children)

Seniors (65+):

12 €
ID is required