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Why Families Should Go to the Paradox Museum: A Fun and Educational Experience for All Ages!

Why Families Should Go to the Paradox Museum: A Fun and Educational Experience for All Ages!

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Are you seeking for a family-friendly trip that blends entertainment and learning? Look no further than the Paradox Museum! Our museum takes visitors on a thrilling trip through science, art, and imagination, making it ideal for families of all ages. In this post, we’ll look at why families should visit the Paradox Museum next time they want to spend the day exploring, learning, and making memories.

Engaging and Interactive Exhibits

At the Paradox Museum, we think that learning should be enjoyable and interactive. That’s why we’ve made our exhibits entertaining and interactive. Families may immerse themselves in a world of mind-bending illusions, enthralling optical tricks, and challenging puzzles. It’s more than simply a museum; it’s an adventure waiting to be discovered together.

Educational Fun Facts for All Ages

The Old City is fortified with the Venetian Walls, which stand as a formidable reminder of the city’s strategic significance over the course of centuries. Constructed by the Republic of Venice in the 16th century, these walls have endured the trials of time and continue to stand erect as steadfast guardians, providing expansive vistas of the city and an insight into its military history.

Quality family time

In today’s fast-paced world, spending quality time with your loved ones has never been more crucial. The Paradox Museum is a wonderful place for families to bond while discovering the secrets of our universe. Whether you’re solving brain teasers together, marvelling at optical illusions, or simply having a good time, our museum will leave you with unforgettable experiences to treasure for years to come.

Promoting critical thinking

We believe in developing young brains and promoting critical thinking. Our exhibits encourage visitors to challenge their beliefs, push the boundaries of reality, and think outside the box. It’s an excellent method to pique children’s curiosity and instill a lifelong love of learning in them.

Fun for all ages

The Paradox Museum offers something for everyone, from children to teenagers, parents to grandparents.* Our numerous exhibitions and activities ensure that every family member will find something they enjoy. It’s more than just entertainment; it’s about creating a common experience that connects generations.

Special Events and Activities

Throughout the year, we conduct special events and activities geared exclusively towards families. Whether it’s a themed workshop, a family-friendly tour, or a holiday celebration, our museum always has something fascinating going on. Make sure to check our event calendar for upcoming family-friendly activities!

Affordable and accessible

We think that education and pleasure should be available to all. That is why we provide low ticket pricing and special family bundles (redirect to the tickets page). We aim to make sure that every family can experience the wonders of the Paradox Museum without breaking the wallet.

So, why should families go to the Paradox Museum? Because it fosters curiosity, makes learning exciting, and strengthens family relationships! It’s an event that will leave you with lifelong memories and a renewed love for science and art. Join us on this exciting adventure and make studying a family affair!

Plan your visit to the Paradox Museum today and engage on an unforgettable family trip that will leave you fascinated, enlightened, and inspired. See you at the museum!

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Carnival in Cyprus

Carnival in Cyprus

Carnival in Cyprus



Few words

Carnival was being celebrated in ancient Greece. Celebrations were being organized in honor of god Dionissos. Ancient Greeks got dressed in various costumes, wore masks and had fun in feasts for days. Cypriots kept this custom. The origin of Carnival traces back to the very past and is closely linked with the history of the Greeks.It seems that it is a festivity related to classical antiquity: the Dionysian festivals called “Dionysian”, during which a contest was taking place amongst three great tragedians of ancient Greece: Aeschylus, Euripides and Sophocles, three dramatists of our history.
Carnival in Cyprus was associated with the beginning of the fasting of Easter. Carnival was called “Apokries” which means in Greek “without meat”. It was celebrated with feasts and traditional games. In addition, people got dressed in costumes and wore masks in order to scare others.

Just like many other festivities and cultural traditions, Cypriot carnival celebrations actually date back to the beginning of the last century, when homes in Limassol opened their doors and welcomed round friends and family for a feast of food and wine. Limassol holds the largest annual carnival in the island of Cyprus. The Limassol Carnival is an important institution: a tradition for the Limassolians, which remains alive and will survive throughout times.

The Limassol Carnival is however a feast that all of us expect to enjoy impatiently and willingly. It was celebrated in an organized way since the past, when groups of merrymakers from all the social strata of the city organized in their houses meetings and organized parades using donkeys, carriages, broughams and bikes. People of that area felt a vast satisfaction watching their fellow citizens disguised satirizing situations, persons and various things directly or indirectly linked with everyday life and the reality of their times.

Carnival is celebrated in towns all over Cyprus, but especially in the city of Limassol. In our days carnival events start on the “Shrove Thursday” (the last of eating meat) with the Carnival King entering the town in a festive atmosphere. Then follows, the children’s parade, the various Serenades’ shows and finally the Grand Carnival Parade which takes place on the last Sunday of the Carnival festivities.

Many people in fancy dresses participate to enjoy a special razzledazzle. Special consideration has been given to the decoration of the town. All the places where festivities are planned, as well as the central key points of the town, are decorated in an as ingenious way as possible.

Parties are held and people gather to feast, sing satirical songs and play games. The last Sunday of the “Cheese Week” is the highlight of the Carnival. This is when the Grand Carnival Parade takes place on the last “Green Monday ” or the first day of lent.

Colourful floats and groups of people, singing and dancing, parades in the main roads of Limassol create a truly festive atmosphere. The open-air celebrations and feasting take place throughout Cypriot towns but the Grand Parade in Limassol is the peak focus of the Carnival. During the Carnival parade large crowds from all over the island gather to watch the floats accompanied by the serenades and amazing costumed groups.

Direction to Carnival in Cyprus

Event schedule for the Limassol carnival 2019
( 28/2 – 10/3 )

Carnival in Cyprus
Carnival in Cyprus


28/2 Thursday

Carnival fiestas in front of the Hellenic BanK (Gladstonos Str., former Limassol Cooperative Bank) and Bank of Cyprus (Ayiou Andreou Str. opposite Ayia Napa church).

The “Limassol Serenaders” will be singing at Saripolou Square.

Limassol Carnival in Cyprus
Port in Cyprus



The Monterni Kairi Choir, the “Limassol Serenaders”, the Ariones Choir, the EDON Limassol Serenaders, the Choir of the Cultural Association of EAC Employees and the male vocal ensemble “Ilandron” will be singing at the Medieval Castle square. Route: Irinis Street (in front of the Monterni Kairi Cultural Group) – Medieval Castle Square.



10.30a.m. | HELLENIC BANK
(former Limassol Cooperative Bank, Gladstonos str.) The Municipality’s children’s train will be touring around the city. The first tour will take place at 10.30a.m. Other tours will follow on a first-come first-served basis.

Carnival in Cyprus
Carnival  in Cyprus



Starting Point: Sea front road, Municipal Garden traffic lights.
Ending: 2nd sea front parking lot – next to “Red” cafe
The parade will be preceded by the Queens of Carnival and the Limassol Majorettes of the Cyprus Girl Guides Association and followed by the Limassol Majorettes.

Carnival in Cyprus
Carnival in Cyprus



The Limassol Municipality and the Cyprus Photographic Society – Limassol Branch, co-organise the photographic exhibition on the theme of “Limassol Carnival 2018”.

limassol carnival in Cyprus
limassol carnival in Cyprus




The Monterni Kairi Choir will be singing at Zakaki.

The Edon Limassol Serenaders will be singing at Ayios Nicolaos.

limassol carnival in Cyprus
limassol carnival in Cyprus



Carnival songs and serenades by the Limassol’s Tetrafonia (Four Voice Men’s Choir).

Carnival Fiesta titled “Love is in the air”, with DJ George Bereck.
Free-style Carnival Costume Competition Awards will be given to the best three participants.

limassol carnival in Cyprus
limassol carnival in Cyprus



Starting Point: Grigoris Afxentiou Square (District Office Building).
Ending Point: Medieval Castle Square
The Limassol Municipality in collaboration with the association “Friends of Limassol Carnival” co-organize an Evening Carnival Parade with the participation of the Batukinio percussion instruments group and the Limassol Majorettes.

limassol carnival in Cyprus
limassol carnival in Cyprus



Evening of serenades and carnival songs by the children’s choirs of Dreams’ Choir, “Melodies kai Chromata”, the Children’s Choir of the Papadakion Municipal School of Music, the Music Workshop, Children’s Choir and Piccolo of Epilogi and the Armonia Choir.
Entrance: €5

limassol carnival in Cyprus
limassol carnival in Cyprus



10.30a.m. | HELLENIC BANK
(former Limassol Cooperative Bank, Gladstonos Str.)
The Municipality’s children’s train will be touring around the city. The first tour will take place at 10.30a.m. Other tours will follow on a first-come first-served basis.

limassol carnival in Cyprus
limassol carnival in Cyprus

ARTICLE PHOTOS by: Sergey Galyonkin
SLIDE PHOTO by: Petros Karadjias

Grand Carnival Parade

10/3 Sunday

Archbishop Makarios III Avenue
Starting Point: Ayios Nikolaos Round About
Ending Point: Polemidia Traffic Lights (Fairways)

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