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Pissouromoutti Trail

Pissouromoutti Trail

Cyprus Pissouromoutti Trail

Circular Trail

Akamas is known for its blue waters, the mythical location which ensues archeological and cultural awe. The peninsula goes hand in hand with tradition. Somewhere here Pissouromoutti, the Cyprriot combination of the words ”pissouri” meaning darkness and ”moutti” meaning edge, the first love meeting of the favorite Olympian couple Aphrodite and Adonis took place. The myth comes to life on this nature trail, seeing Adonis claiming Aphrodite ending on the mountain top together in a passionate union blessed by the forest region of Smigies.

3 km
1.5 hours
395 m
Trans Alps Adventure
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Starting point

Smigies picnic site Length: 3 km – Duration: 1 1/2 hours – Degree of difficulty: 2

Tour and Stopovers
Cyprus Pissouromoutti Trail

Points of interest

Rich growth of Juniper Phoenicia, pistacia, etc. Views of Polis Bay to the northeast and beaches of Akamas to the west.

Useful Information

Tips & Resources

Necessary Gear

1. Do not move outside the signs along the trail so that you can protect the rare plant types within the forested area.
2. Do not smoke and keep your food inside your backpacks. Protect the environmental treasure from unexpected fires.
3. Do not make unnecessary noise. Respect the natural world of the birds, the animals and enjoy the natural sounds.
4. Maintain the space clean. Leave your trash in the bins or choose to take them with you.
5. Spend the night in the visitors’ camp sites.
6. The entrance to vehicles within the path is not allowed.
7. Protect the natural beauty by avoiding cutting branches, bushes or unrooting plants and carving trees.
8. The lighting of fires in protected areas is strictly prohibited. Respect what is offered from nature and the camping site. Lighting fires is allowed ONLY in special barbecue sites.
Inform immediately the Forestry Department on +357 22805511 or 1407 (Emergency contact, 24 hour a day) if you see smoke or fire.
The responsible environmental consciousness can improve our planet. Remember nature is accommodates us. It opens its heart into her world. Respect her home, her residents, the flora, and fauna.
Useful Information